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How EnMart Handles Weather Related Delays and Closings

12th February 2014

How EnMart Handles Weather Related Delays and Closings

It isn’t often that EnMart closeclosed due to weathers down due to weather.  In fact,  in the 8 years I’ve been with the company,  I can remember very few weather related closings,  and most that have happened have occurred in 2013 and 2014.   This winter has been a tough and atypical one for a lot of areas,  and it has caused plant closings and shipping delays.   Since these sorts of events have happened more than once over the course of this winter,  I thought I would discuss how EnMart handles these sorts of situations.

The first thing to know is that our goal is always timely shipment and delivery.    When the weather cooperates and we’re in control,  we will do all we can to make sure your orders ship quickly.   We will not, however, sacrifice the safety of our employees to do so.  When the weather is inclement and the streets are impassable,  we will close our plants in order to ensure the safety of those who work for us.   In those cases,  we will reroute all shipments possible to other locations.     We have locations in Michigan, New Jersey,  Georgia and California,  and it is extremely unlikely that all four plants will be shut down at the same time.   If one plant is out of operation,  we will shift orders to the other plants to compensate.

That’s the bit we can control.   The bit we can’t control is what our shippers do.   Fed Ex, UPS and the USPS make their own decisions as to what they will and won’t do.     While we sometimes get advance notice when pick-up times are moved ahead or service is discontinued entirely,  we often don’t get notified.  In cases when we can see the weather is not good,  we will try and anticipate an early pick-up and have orders picked and shipped on a different schedule than normal.   Sometimes, though,  despite all our efforts,  shipments will not leave our facility as scheduled.

Obviously,  once a shipment does leave our facility,  we are at the mercy of our shippers and their decisions.   We have no control of how long a selected shipper takes to get a package to its destination.  Weather delays may stop flights from leaving or landing,  or trucks from traveling from one destination to another.    All we can do is trust that our shippers will do their best to get all packages delivered in a timely manner.

Announcements of closings will always be posted on the EnMart Facebook page,  the EnMart Twitter feed and the EnMart Google+ page. You can always check these pages for the latest updates and details.     If you have any questions,  you may always contact us for the latest information.



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