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Glow In the Dark Thread is Back!

17th December 2013

Glow In the Dark Thread is Back!

We know that many of you like our UltraGlow glow in the dark thread,  so we were not happy when the thread had to be put on Sold Out status due to a backorder situation.   We are pleased to report that problem has been resolved.   Not only do we have the original 6 colors back in stock,  but we have 4 new colors added to the mix.   The new colors are quite exciting.



The first new color is Chartreuse,  which is a kind of lime green.  This color would look great with any type of embroidery with neon thread colors.




The second new color is pink.  It’s more of a hot pink than the picture indicates.  This is another color that would work well with any neon embroidery.   This is an attention getting color,  and the pink will really stand out when it glows.



Our next color selection is a darker green, more of a lime green.  This is the perfect Halloween color,  great for spooky aliens and the glowing eyes of a black cat.   I think, of all our glow in the dark colors,  this is probably the one color people think of when they think of glow in the dark thread.




Finally,  we have beige.  Now I have to admit,  beige isn’t a color your mind immediately goes to when thinking of a color that should glow in the dark,  but it’s a nice neutral.   Sometimes a good basic neutral is what you need and in those times,  our beige glow in the dark thread would fill the bill.

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