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The Friday Blog Round – Up 9/27/13

27th September 2013

The Friday Blog Round – Up 9/27/13

roundupYes,  I know,  it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.   Believe me the spirit is willing,  but the time just isn’t always available.  Hopefully I can find some good stuff to share with you to make up for my lack of posts these last few months.

First up we have a post from All Things Embroidery which speaks about the importance of teaching your customers about digitizing and what’s entailed in digitizing a design.   If customers understand that changes to artwork and stitch count can also change counts and production time,  they might be more likely to keep such changes to a minimum,  or to make sure that digitizing happens only when the artwork is finalized and approved.   This post makes some good points about why helping your customer understand all that is important.

Second on the docket we have a post from Fashion Incubator that I really like.  The topic is people who are benignly arrogant,  those people who,  while nice,  just don’t listen and are always certain they know better than anyone else.    I’m sure if each of us were to think about it,  we can pinpoint some people who suffer from this problem in our lives.  To me,  this post is a good reminder for two reasons.   One,  it reminds us that such people do exist and everyone encounters them.  Second,  it reminds us not to be one of these people.   Always listen,  always be open to learning from anyone, and never be sure you have all the answers because it’s likely you don’t.

Third at bat we have a post from Retail Minded about photographing your merchandise.   These days knowing how to take good photographs of your products is more important than ever.   With the advent of Pinterest, Facebook and other sites where you can share photos,  having good product photography can be vital to selling your products or your work.   It isn’t enough to snap a picture with your cell phone camera and post it online.  Good quality photography that puts your products in their best light is very necessary,  and this post will give you some tips on how to take the photos you need.

Fourth on the list is a post from Tim Andrews from ASI.   I’m including this post on the list for two reasons.  First,  I like the fact ASI pays their interns,  as a lot of places don’t do that.   I’ve never understood why people should be expected to work for free simply because they’re in college or high school.   I also like the attitude this post takes toward interns,  they’re not free help to fetch coffee,  they can contribute and provide ideas and new insights.  That’s the way it should be.  Second,  I like this post because it talks about reaching out to those who mentored you back when you were starting out.  I think,  a lot of the time,  we forget the people who helped us become the professionals we are today.  This post is a good reminder to remember and thank those people when you can.

Fifth in the line-up today is a post that harks back to what I said in the podcast on social media I did last week.  (Did you listen?  I’ll include a link at the end of the post.)   One of the things I talked about was being your genuine self and being a well rounded person not just a customer service or business owning drone.  This post illustrates that point beautifully,  as well as making me want to do my banking with Simple.

There’s more I want to share,  but I think I’ll save some of it for next week, since I also want to share some stuff I’ve been doing.   Since I write the blog,  I think it’s only fair that I get one paragraph that’s all me, me, me!    First,  a link to the podcast I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  I’m really pleased with how this came out and had so much fun with Aaron and Terry.    Second,  a link to my first article for Printwear Magazine which came out in the October issue.  I’m so pleased with this as well, and I think Printwear did an awesome job designing the article.    Finally,  a link to my latest blog post for the DecQuorum blog,  which is about an important subject, disaster plans for your business.   If you don’t have one,  you should get one made,  because you never know what’s going to happen.

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