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If We Could Read Your Mind

21st August 2013

If We Could Read Your Mind

psychicRecently I got an e-mail from a customer that simply said “THANK YOU”  in capital letters and nothing else.   Because I found it nice and kind of funny, I e-mailed back “I’m not sure what we did,  but you’re welcome”  and didn’t think any more about it.   In a reply to my e-mail,  the customer explained that he was thanking us for shipping his order so quickly,  something that we might take for granted,  but which he felt was worthy of a thank you.   It was a nice thing to hear,  but it also illustrated to me how different customer expectations and company expectations can be.

For us,  same day shipment on in stock items that don’t have to be manufactured is always the goal.  We know that your businesses depend on receiving the supplies and equipment you order in a timely manner,  so we try to make our shipments as speedy as possible.   Our goal is always to exceed your expectations and get you the goods you’ve purchased as quickly as we can,  but there can be roadblocks in meeting that goal.   If we were psychic,  that wouldn’t be the case,  but we’re not,  so sometimes your expectations of speedy and ours don’t mesh.

We like to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings if we can,  so I thought it might be a good idea to suggest some ways you can communicate what you expect to us – so we’re all clear on what’s needed.

  1. Put a note on your order – There is a place for customer comments on the bottom of every order that placed online.  If you need something special, are on a deadline, or want to add a product you don’t see on our site,  put a note in this box.   We generally respond to comments on an order within an hour or two.   Leaving us a comment also gives us the opportunity to let you know when we can’t do something,  which allows you to make alternate arrangements and allows us to avoid an unhappy customer.
  2. Call us – We have a toll free number for  a reason.  If you have a question about something,  a special request,  or just want to tell us we’re doing a great job – ;-),  give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help.
  3. Visit our Facebook page or message us on Facebook – The Facebook page is pretty much monitored 24/7, so you will get a response to your message or post.   Facebook is also where we communicate about things like specials and sales.  If you don’t follow our page,  you might want to start.
  4. Don’t assume – We try to be clear about turn times and how things are handled on our website,  but we can’t read minds.  If you need something specific or something special,  even if you’re 99% sure it’s something we already do,  let us know what it is you need.  That way both parties,  EnMart and you, are clear about what’s needed and expected.   This can help avoid missed deadlines on your end, and cranky customers on ours.

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