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The Friday Blog Round-Up 4/12/13

12th April 2013

The Friday Blog Round-Up 4/12/13

roundupWow, haven’t done one of these in a while.  I hope I remember how!  Guess I’ll just jump in and hope it all comes back to me.

First up,  we have a great post on digitizing lettering from All Things Embroidery.    Me favorite piece of advice in this post is to watch designs with lettering that sew well so you can see how letters join and corner.  This will help you get a better understanding of what lettering that is digitized correctly for the fabric and application should look like and how it should path.  There’s a lot of good information in this post,  whether you digitize your own lettering or have someone else do it.

Second on the list we have a post from Erich Campbell which talks about dealing with distortion in embroidered designs.    I love it when Erich talks about digitizing because he has a great way of making things I know are probably pretty complicated seem pretty simple.  This post is no exception.   I think the best piece of advice in this piece is to look at embroidery holistically,  taking into account how an embroidered design will interact with the fabric and the machine and not just looking at it as something static on a computer screen.  This is another helpful post about digitizing that will be useful whether you digitize yourself or not.

Third on the docket we have a post from Retail Minded which details how to tell if a specific vendor is a good seller for you or not.   Considering that you’re giving space on your website or in your store to every garment and blank vendor you offer,  knowing which ones are maximizing profit potential and which ones aren’t can be the difference between a year in the red and a year in the black.    This is a great reminder that space is money and you shouldn’t be giving any space, whether real or virtual,  away to goods that aren’t generating income.

Fourth at bat we have a great post on embroidering with metallic thread from Sadia Sews.   This post has a lot of common sense tips for making your metallic thread work for you, not against you.   As someone who works for a company that sells a great metallic thread,  I’m always happy to see more people encouraging the use of metallic thread in general.    If you’re thinking of trying embroidery with metallic thread, or if you’ve tried it in the past and had problems,  pick up a spool of thread from EnMart,  read the recommended post from Sadia, and give it a try again.

Fifth, just because the marketing geek in me likes it,  is this post from brandsavant.   It frames the question of what your brand and your company means to your customers in a unique way that I think will generate some unique answers.    A lot of times we ask customers questions designed to find out what they think of us and how they found us,  but this question gets right to the heart of what our brands mean to our customers and what they do for them.    I like the question and I like this post.  You may see this question turn up on the EnMart Facebook page soon.

Finally, again because of the marketing geek in me,  we have a post from UnMarketing, which makes the point that social media shouldn’t always be used just to reply to complaints and put out fires.  A good social media program also ensures that someone is there to say thank you for praise and to comment when customers post nice things about the product.   You need to keep abreast of everything that is being said about your brand,  and engage with it all, not just the negative items.

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