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Why EnMart has a Clearance Bin

21st January 2013

Why EnMart has a Clearance Bin

clearance-binThose of you who know EnMart know we sell sublimation and embroidery supplies.    You probably also know we have a parent company which has six locations across the United States,  four of these locations also being EnMart locations.    What this means in practical terms  is that we have a lot of stuff,  supplies we use,  supplies we sell, things people return for one reason or another and items that someone asked us to try or that we bought on sale to see what would happen.    Most of these products are sold as regular inventory on the EnMart website, but we occasionally have something that doesn’t fit in with our regular inventory,  or which we don’t feel we can sell at full price for one reason or another.  It’s for items like these that the EnMart Clearance Bin was created.

The Clearance Bin is the place where all the discontinued,  overstock or one of a kind merchandise will be sold.   Prices of products in the bin, as the name implies,  will be at clearance levels.   The goal is to move some merchandise that is otherwise taking up space while giving our customers a deal.

Things you might find in the Clearance Bin include:

The “Why Did We Buy This” Products – The Nigiri thread clips,  which we think are Japanese,  but may not be,  are in this category.   We don’t know when or why they were purchased,  but they showed up on our shelves one day and languished there until we decided to create the Clearance Bin.  They’re not something we’d normally order or sell,  but they’re here all the same.

The “We Don’t Need This Anymore”  Products – The fabric that was just added last Friday is a good example of this type of product.  Once upon a time it was used for samples,  but is no longer needed.   The branch manager for our Michigan location would love it if we could sell this fabric and get it off her shelves.

The “It’s Not in Pristine Condition”  Products –  Occasionally we get a pack of backing that’s been smooshed,  or have thread that was once used as display thread for a show.   Those items can’t be sold as new,  so we offer them to you at a discount.

The “They Just Didn’t Sell At Full Price” Products – Some products have a pricepoint that works for them,  which might be below the regular price.   Sometimes we buy something we think will be a big seller and it just isn’t.   These types of products end up in the Clearance Bin as well.

While we think the whole of the EnMart website offers pricing that is reasonable and easy on almost any budget,  the Clearance Bin is the place where you can really find deals.   We update the bin as new items become available so make sure to bookmark our site and check back often.

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