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The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/18/13

18th January 2013

The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/18/13

roundupThe first Friday Blog Round-Up of 2013 and, if we’re keeping track, the start of the 6th year I’ve been writing for this blog.

First up today we have a blog post from Eileen at Designs in Machine Embroidery.  She’s talking about the embroidery machine features that everyone needs.  From what I can tell, it appears that she’s discussing home embroidery machines and not commercial embroidery machines,  so I’d love to hear what you commercial embroiderers think are the must have features for the machines that you have.   Is the list roughly the same?

Second at bat is a post from Joyce Jagger on her Stitches Magazine blog.    This time,  she’s talking about financial pitfalls that could greatly impact your embroidery business.   When you’re just starting out,  or once you get comfortable with how your business is running,  it’s easy to forget the basic, simple things that can keep your business in the black.  Joyce points out three areas which you should be watching.

Third on the docket we have Bonnie Landsberger’s latest post from My Two Stitches.   For those who don’t know,  Bonnie hurt her leg a while back and one thing I’ve found inspiring is how she’s found the good in something that really sounds like it’s mostly been painful and not a lot of fun.  This post is no exception.   As someone who doesn’t like crutches,  I can identify with the story about being in one part of the house and realizing that your crutches are somewhere else entirely.  I just like how the post emphasizes the good and the interesting in what must mostly be an annoying experience.  That’s the attitude we should all take when life throws a problem our way.

Fourth on the list we have some upcycling tutorials from Urban Threads.      With these tutorials you can turn a sweater into a skirt,  two t-shirts into a cardigan,  t-shirts into purses and a lot more.   I love the idea of transforming old clothes in new ways and reducing waste.   Plus,  as a woman who has changed clothing sizes a time or two,  I know how expensive clothes can be.  Taking clothes that are too big or too small and upcycling them seems like a much better option.

Finally,  I have to mention a blog post from Black Duck Inc. about sublimation and what it can do for your business.   I mention this post for two reasons.  One is that it does outline very well what benefits sublimation can offer your business and your customers.  The second is because EnMart played a small part in helping Black Duck on their sublimation journey and I’m so excited to watch that journey continue.   Anyone who has seen Erich Campbell’s work at Black Duck knows he’s immensely talented and I can’t wait to see what he and Black Duck do with sublimation.

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