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Embroidery Machine Maintenance

26th November 2012

Embroidery Machine Maintenance

It’s the holiday season and many businesses have embroidery machines that are stitching away at a fierce pace.   I’ve also heard of several businesses that have a backlog of orders and need their machines to keep running at top speed until the holiday rush is over.   In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it’s easy to forget that your machines need to be maintained,  but you shouldn’t neglect this important task.   A well maintained machine is one that keeps running and a machine that’s running is one that’s earning money for your business.   Of course,  any complicated maintenance or repairs might best be left to a professional,  but here are some small things you can do to keep your machine performing at its peak this holiday season.

Small thing #1Keep your machine lint and dust free – Dust and lint can cause problems with your power supply and with how the machine runs.  Make sure you keep a can of Clean Jet near your machine.   Lint brushes are also handy to have and useful for cleaning out the small crevices.

Small thing #2 – Keep your machine oiled – Proper lubrication will help ensure your machine runs smoothly.    White sewing machine oil can be used for lubricating large moving parts.   A zoom spout oiler, which also contains white sewing machine oil,  is useful for smaller or hard to reach areas.

Small thing #3 – The H Test – The H test will help ensure that your tensions are set correctly.   To perform this test,  set your machine to sew out the letter H.  When you look at the back of your sew out,  you should see 2/3 embroidery thread and 1/3 bobbin thread.  If you see a different ratio,  then your tensions are most likely off.

Small thing #4 – Clean your bobbin case –  This step is a simple thing but can make a big difference in how well your machine holds tensions.   Lint and dust can accumulate under the tension spring and should be removed.  Used the edge of playing card or a business card to clean away the debris.   Do not use anything metal as that could cause damage to the bobbin case.



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