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The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/28/12

28th September 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/28/12

First on the list today is the advanced embroiderers bucket list from Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine.  I have to say, some of these suggestions look like they’d be tricky.    I would think that embroidering on a sheer ribbon and putting in a zipper with an embroidery machine would be especially tricky.   Why don’t those of you who are advanced embroiderers give these ideas a try and then let me know the level of difficulty involved.   Since I’m not even up to the rank of novice embroiderer at this point,  I doubt I’ll be trying any of these myself any time soon.

Second on the docket is a post from Fashion Incubator about the three rules of tradeshows.   Although the post is talking more about shows for designers who want to exhibit their apparel,  the advice and the rules also apply to embroiderers and suppliers who are purchasing space at shows like ISS or DAX or the NNEP shows.    I think the best advice is rule 1, know the show before you exhibit.   Walking a show and seeing what it’s like and who goes to it will save you a lot of wasted money and time.

Third at bat is a post from My Two Stitches.  It’s nominally about a walk in the woods,  but what I really think it’s about is the artistic eye.   I know a lot of artists and have several in my family,  and my experience has been that they tend to see patterns where others don’t.    I love Bonnie’s description of the weathered trees and the dead wood and the patterns and shapes she sees there.   The best thing about Bonnie’s posts, in my opinion,  is that they make you feel like you’re with her walking through the woods, and that she’s just leaning over to point out what she sees.    Since I don’t have the artistic eye myself,  I love it when others share their vision.

Fourth in line is the post that Erich Campbell wrote about his Trendsetter Award.    Those of you familiar with Erich know that he’s an incredibly talented guy who is always trying to push the boundaries of machine embroidery,  and that he’s also always willing to lend a hand or some advice to those who need it.   Being named as a Trendsetter couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more humble guy,  and this post is proof of that.

Fifth up is a post from Urban Threads featuring an awesome embroidered jacket that a customer made.  If you’ve read this blog or the EnMart Facebook page for any length of time,  you know I’m a big fan of Urban Threads and their designs.  This jacket is awesome and just goes to show what can be created if someone is willing to put in some time and effort.

Finally,  I wanted to mention a post from Peter Shankman about saying yes vs. saying no.   He makes the point in his post that it’s easier to say no and that saying no often seems safer,  but that saying yes is what can bring new and wonderful things into your life.   Posts like these always make me think, so I thought I’d share this one with you.

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