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What Sort of Posts Do You Want to Read?

6th September 2012

What Sort of Posts Do You Want to Read?

EnMart’s EmbroideryTalk Blog has been in existence since October 2007.   There are 500 + posts on the site and we’ve covered everything from business tips to embroidery tips,  to a bit of sublimation,  before we started the SubliStuff blog.  After almost five years of writing for this blog,  I have to admit I’m sometimes a little bit at a loss for new ideas or topics we haven’t covered.  I also realize that posts written 2 or 3 years ago may not have been seen by people who are reading now.

All this information is really leading up to the question in the title of this post,  what sort of posts do you want to read?   Would you like to resurrect Marketing Monday,  where I wrote a post about how to market your business every Monday?  Would you be more interested in seeing the return of Business Tips Wednesday,  where I talk about how to run a decoration business?  Do you want to see more posts that deal with the ins and outs of running and marketing a business?

Or, instead, would you prefer to see posts about how to use our products?   In 2008,  I did a series on machine embroidery needles.  I’ve done a couple different series of posts on embroidery stabilizer.   I believe there have also been a couple of posts about embroidering blank patches.    We could also discuss the uses of specialty threads,  how to sew with metallic thread and a wide variety of other product related subjects?   Is that the sort of thing you’d like to read.

Finally,  there are the posts about EnMart itself.   Why we charge sales tax and where.   Why we sell what we sell.   Little tidbits about our customer service philosophy and the daily life in our offices.  Do you enjoy reading the little glimpses into EnMart and how we operate?  Do those posts make you more inclined to trust us as a company?

I realize that ultimately it’s my job to pick subjects and create content for this blog,  but a little guidance from those who read the blog is always helpful.   If you have a suggestion for a post I should write,  or a series you would like to read,  please leave it in the comments.

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