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The Friday Blog Round-Up 8/24

24th August 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 8/24

Before I start in with the round-up,  I just want to say that I know posts have been a little sparse here lately.  I apologize for that.  I can only plead a full schedule and a slight case of writer’s block.  I hope both will be better soon.   In the meantime,  here’s a round-up post that will showcase some great things other people have been writing.  :-)

First up,  we have a post from All Things Embroidery that points out the need to consider embroidery when you create a logo.  This post makes several very good points as most people still tend to design for print and don’t consider how their logo will be rendered in other disciplines.    I definitely agree that simple is better when it comes to logos.  The EnMart logo is simply the name of the company and boxes of color, and that works fairly well with almost anything.   Sometimes not getting fancy is the best way to go.

Second on the list we have Erich Campbell’s advice for coping with an unproductive day.   I’m sure all of us have schedules that are filled to the brim and a day where you feel like nothing is getting done can be a disaster.  Erich has some tips to help you put the lost day behind you.   His best tip,  as far as I’m concerned anyway,  is the advice to let it go.  I tend to be one of those people who beats myself up over not getting things done,  so the advice to just release everything and start fresh in the morning really resonates with me.

Third on the docket is a fabulous piece from Urban Threads about men and embroidery.     They interviewed Jamie Chalmers,  also known as Mr. X Stitch, and it’s a great interview.   We all know the embroidery world tends to be geared toward women,  but there are a lot of men, the aforementioned Mr. Chalmers and Erich Campbell, for two,  that embroider and work in the industry as well.  I love what this article says about making the craft of embroidery more inclusive and also the fact that it points out that embroidery doesn’t always have to be kittens and teddy bears and lacy borders.

Fourth at bat is a post from Peter Shankman about the fact that your customer service doesn’t have to be awesome every single time,  it just has to be better than what people expect.   He says, and I agree, that most people are used to being treated awfully by companies these days,  that simply making an effort to be nice may be enough to tip the scales in your favor.  If you make an effort to go beyond that and actually be helpful,  you may be well on your way to creating customers who will adore your company,  and spread the word about it everywhere they go.

Fifth in the line up is a post from John Morgan about six ways that people sabotage their success.    The thing that gets me about this post,  other than the fact that he makes good points with all the ways he names,  is number 6.  Lack of confidence is a killer.  It’s a cliche,  but a true one; you have to believe in yourself before anyone else, including your customers will believe in you.   If your business isn’t quite going where you want it to go,  take a look at the six areas John mentions and see if you’re doing anything that might be sabotaging you meeting your full potential.

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