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How EnMart Finds New Products

12th July 2012

How EnMart Finds New Products

Those of you who like our Facebook page (and what’s not to like), already know that tomorrow we will be announcing a new product which will be debuting at the NNEP Embroidery Mart the end of this month.    Since one of the uses for this blog is to give you an inside look at how EnMart works,  I thought it might be fun to give you a little information about how we find new products,  and how we choose what gets added to our product offerings.

Information about or offerings of new products can come from any number of places.  Our suppliers,  of course,  offer us new products as they become available.   EnMart customers often suggest products they would like to see us carry,  and we always take those suggestions into consideration.   Sometimes,  because hey, what company doesn’t,  we’ll see something one of our competitors has done and think it’s cool and work to do something similar ourselves.   We also have had products added to our line or created as a result of a good old fashioned brainstorming meeting,  where we sit at a table and bat around ideas for new products and packages.   Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Once we have a new product under consideration we’ll look at how it fits in with existing product lines and with our existing areas of expertise.  One of the great things about EnMart is the fact that we have access to a lot of experts,  both on our own staff and among our supplier partners and friends of EnMart.  This gives us the ability to evaluate a new products from several angles,  and helps us ensure that what we offer is the best product we can offer.

Finally,  once a product has been tested and discussed,   we will add it to our product offerings.    The quickest way to learn about any new product offerings EnMart may have is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.  You should also bookmark our website,  as the latest information will always be there.    Also,  if you have a product you’d like to suggest that we consider for addition to the EnMart product line,  you can always leave a comment on any of our social media pages,  or this blog,  or simply contact us with your suggestion.

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