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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/29/12

29th June 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/29/12

First up today, we have a post from Erich Campbell on handling customers who come to you with bad artwork and bad digitizing.  It’s a tough problem because you don’t want to irritate the customer,  nor do you want to spend hours fixing artwork or digitizing that isn’t up to standard, and most likely doing it for free.  In this post,  Erich provides some suggestions for defusing the situation, making the customer happy and getting the quality files that you need.

Second on the docket,  we have the inaugural post from Joyce Jagger’s new blog for Stitches.  This post deals with finding your niche.  Joyce describes how she used existing connections to develop a specific market and how she catered to that market.   It’s a great lesson for anyone who is looking to specialize  and a terrific debut for Joyce’s blog.

Third on the list isn’t really a blog post, it’s more an announcement of a webinar.   It makes the Round-Up because of the topic of the webinar “How to Tackle the Biggest Challenges in Online Retail”  and because of who is putting on the webinar.  I really like the Social Media Explorer blog and refer to their posts quite often.  I think they know their stuff, and that this webinar may be helpful to many of you.  So I thought I’d let you know it was available.

Fourth at bat is a post from Peter Shankman about how to stop being frustrated and angry.   One of the most valuable things I ever learned,  and it’s still something I’m re-learning all the time,  was not to obsess about things and to let my frustration and anger over an event go.   I was born a redhead and have the temper to match,  so being able to let things go and not get angry is still a work in progress,  but I know my life is much better when I don’t obsess and let my temper run free.   Peter provides some tips on how to destress when the world seems to be piling it on.

Finally,  just because she makes me laugh and because in my life as a blogger and forum monitor I have encountered these sorts,   we haver a post from The Bloggess which helps you figure out whether or not you’re a troll.  Now we’re not talking about the kind that live under bridges,  we’re talking about the kind of troll that populates the Internet and likes to rain on other people’s parades.    This post is,  as most of The Bloggess’ posts are,  funny and true.

One last note,  I am going to update the blogroll for EmbroideryTalk.  Some blogs will come off and some will be added.  If you know of a blog that you think should be on the list,  please let me know.

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