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Check Your Confirmations

21st June 2012

Check Your Confirmations

Most of you are probably already aware that EnMart sends a confirmation via e-mail for every order that is placed with us.  There are two main purposes for this confirmation.   One is to acknowledge that an order has been placed.  The second is to serve as a record of the order that can be checked to ensure that all information entered is correct.   Things you should check on your confirmation include:

  • Shipping Address – Is the street address correct?  Is your zip code correct?   Is the address designated residential if it is a residential address? Incorrect addresses cause delays in shipping and can add to the cost of your order.
  • Items ordered –  If you wanted tearaway backing,  is that what you ordered?  Did you remember to order mini king cones instead of king cones?  Please make sure all types and sizes of products ordered are correct.
  • Amount ordered –  Did you really want five and hit four instead?   Check the amounts listed for each item and make sure that you ordered the number that you needed.
  • Have you considered any available discounts –  EnMart offers a dozen discount on our 5500 yd cones of thread in both poly and rayon.  Order 12 cones in any combination of colors and you’ll receive a percentage off the cost of each cone.   We also have discounts for volume ordering of needles,  backing and other supplies.  Checking for discounts and upping your order slightly may save you money.
  • Shipping Method – EnMart ships via Fed Ex and USPS.  We do ship on customer account numbers or via UPS at customer request.  If you want us to ship your order specially,  please make sure that is noted on your order and confirmation.
  • Payment Method – If you elect to pay via PayPal,  please make sure you complete your Paypal transaction.   If you elect to have your order invoiced, please be sure you have been approved by EnMart for terms.
  • Turn times and shipping times – Items, like blank patches, which must be created will have longer turn times then items that are simply stocked on a shelf.   USPS shipments will take longer to ship and arrive than Fed Ex Shipments.   Please be aware of the turn times and shipping times for your particular order.
  • Special instructions – If you have a specific deadline or need an order shipped specially have you included instructions regarding those issues on your order?

EnMart makes every effort to ship each order in a timely and efficient manner,  but we’re only as good as the information we’re given.   Checking your confirmation when you receive it is just another way to ensure that mistakes don’t happen.  It is also much easier to make changes to an order before it is shipped, so the sooner we are notified of an issue,  should there be one, the easier it will be to correct it.

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