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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/8/12

8th June 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/8/12

First up today is a post from Stahl’s about The Great Race,  a vintage car race that is more about navigation and team work than it is about posting the fastest time.  What’s awesome about this,  besides the fact that Stahl’s is fielding a team,  is that the race starts in the home city of EnMart’s headquarters, Traverse City, MI.   Good luck to the Stahl’s team!

Second at bat today is a post from Erich Campbell about how to deal with angry customers.   It can be uncomfortable to deal with someone who is upset and/or angry,  but it is part of the job.   Erich offers some tips for defusing the anger and turning it into something constructive.   If you deal with any aspect of customer service,  this is a great post to read.

Third on the list we have a tutorial from Urban Threads about printing and using templates.   This tutorial walks you through printing a template with embroidery software and through creating your own template from scratch.   This is a great step by step walk through of the process and it’s done so well that it makes me think even I could make a template.  Since I have the drawing talent of a squirrel (none, in other words)  you know this tutorial has got to be good.

Fourth on the docket is a post from Tara Gentile that deals with the idea that getting the word out is not the most important thing about selling your product or services.   Before you get the word out,  you need to be sure that what you’re spreading the word about is worth people’s time and attention.   This post makes a good point that all of us should remember,  getting the message out there is only half the equation.  The other half is having something worth talking about.

Fifth up is a post about why you should fire people faster.   Firing people is hard for almost everyone,  and whether you have one employee or one thousand,  it’s something you’ll probably face at some time in your life.   While it’s never easy,  there is a kindness in firing people sooner rather than later,  both for the person being fired and for those who are working with someone who can’t do the work or doesn’t fit with the organization.   If you have a problem employee and you’ve been debating over their fate,  read this post,  it may help you make the decision you need to make.

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