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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/1/12

1st June 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/1/12

Can you believe it’s already June?  Where does the time go?

First up today we have a helpful post from Erich at Black Duck Inc.  which explains exactly what an applique is and when you might want to use one.    I think the difference between an applique and a patch is something that eludes a lot of people,  so this post is very useful.   If you have customers who might need to have the difference explained to them,  I would bookmark this post for future reference.

Second on the list today is a contest from Urban Threads that I just love.   They’re out to demonstrate something they know to be true,  that people of all ages and types love their designs.    That’s why they’re holding a contest, through June 19,  and inviting people to download and stitch out their great new design that proclaims “It’s Not About Age,  It’s About Attitude”.    Four of those who enter will be chosen, at random, to receive a $25 Urban Threads Gift Certificate.

Third at bat is a post from The Bloggess.  Depression is a subject that’s close to my heart, as it’s something I deal with myself and something I know some of the readers of this blog deal with as well.    This post from The Bloggess is a great description of what it feels like when you know you’re sliding into the abyss once again,  but it also points out how much it helps to understand that other people share the abyss with you.   In that spirit, I wanted to share the post here.

I guess the fourth spot today is where I get a bit ranty (yes, it’s a word, I looked it up).   Almost every week I sit down to write one of these posts and I search far and wide for new material to include.  A lot of the same players show up week after week because (1) they have good content and (2) they’re some of the only people producing new content on a regular basis.   I know there is a lot of expertise out there and a lot of people who have knowledge to share.   I also know time is at a premium for many of you,  but I hope some of you will consider starting a blog or a Facebook page or something that allows you to share your knowledge with others.   It’s frustrating (o.k., and kind of fun) to Google “machine embroidery blogs” or “garment decoration blogs” and have EmbroideryTalk come up over and over again.   I know what I know,  I want to know what the rest of you know.

I would also like to ask any of you who have a favorite garment decoration or machine embroidery blog to please share the link with me.  I’d like to add to the EmbroideryTalk blogroll, and I am aware that I might be missing some great blogs.   If you know of something I should be reading,  please pass that information along.

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