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Introducing EconoTear

7th May 2012

Introducing EconoTear

We at EnMart always try to do two things when we select a new product.  The first is to make sure it will be useful to our customers.   The second is to determine if we can sell the product at a price point that is reasonable for those that purchase while still generating revenue for EnMart.    When we find a product that meets all the criteria,   we’re always happy and excited about introducing that product to you.

Today I want to introduce the latest stabilizer product we’ve added to our inventory,  a backing we call EconoTear.  It is a 1.7 oz. backing,  and is a moderate quality tearaway.  Like all EnMart tearaway backings,  EconoTear is designed to tear away from your embroidery once you have completed your stitch out.   It tears cleanly,  and holds stitches well.    EconoTear is a non woven backing designed for general use,  and is recommended for sturdier fabrics.

Because EconoTear is a moderate quality tearaway,  it has a lower price point than some of the other EnMart tearaway products.   Currently,  EconoTear is available in white and packaged in 500 piece packs in the following sizes:

As this is a new product,  all three sizes are currently only stocked in full in the Traverse City location.   Our New Jersey,  Georgia and California locations currently may have a limited stock of the product, but will be stocked in full with EconoTear as sales increase.   If you have any questions about this product, or if you would like to request a sample,  please contact us for further information.


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