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The Friday Blog Round – Up 4/13/12

13th April 2012

The Friday Blog Round – Up 4/13/12

Ooh,  it’s Friday the 13th!  Are any of you superstitious about this day?

First up to day is a post from Bonnie at My Two Stitches.   I’m always fascinated by the way an artist’s mind works,  and this post is a great discussion of what sort of thought goes into creating a great digitized design.   Plus,  there’s an adorable picture of a dust bunny, complete with ears,  and who wouldn’t like that?

Second on the list are some tips from Retail Minded about how to shop a trade show.   We all know trade shows can be overwhelming and the best way to get the most out of the show is to go in with a plan.    This post will give you some ideas on how to make your plan.   Also,  while I’m talking about Retail Minded,  did you know that they now offer a magazine?   If you have retail space,  you definitely should check this out.

Third on the docket is another “this is so cool” project from Urban Threads.   This is a different version of the Baroque Jacket made by a customer.    I always love the stories behind why people choose the fabrics and designs that they choose and this post offers some great insight.  Plus,  the jacket is just plain cool.

Fourth at bat is a series of posts I wrote for the SubliStuff blog called “The 5 W’s of Sublimation” .  While I know the Friday Blog Round-Up is usually embroidery centered,  I figured that some embroidery shops also do sublimation and might find this series of posts helpful.    So far the series has discussed who should sublimate, what can be sublimated, why a company should sublimate, and which markets will buy sublimated goods.

Fifth in the countdown (or is it the count up) is a post from John Morgan about what moves your prospective customers to buy.   He makes a terrific point about the fact that you need to know who your market is before you can figure out what makes them purchase from you.   He also has a line in this post that I love ” Smart marketing isn’t blasting your “please buy my stuff” message to the masses”.  Every one who does marketing should have that line tattooed on their brains.  It would save us all from a lot of bad marketing.

Finally,  I wanted to mention a post that, while I didn’t write it,  could have come straight from my heart.    I’m well aware that it’s the fact that people take the time to read what I write that allows me to do the work I love and I’m so grateful for that.    The post that Erika from Redhead Writing wrote talks about the death of a devoted reader, which thankfully has not yet happened to me so far as I’m aware,   but the sentiments she expressed are ones I totally agree with.  It’s a great post.

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10th April 2012

A Question for Quilters

I’ll admit,  I’m a devoted admirer of quilting,  but don’t have a lot of practical knowledge.   Mine is the sincere admiration of a person who wants to take beautiful quilts home and hang them on the wall as art,  but who has no real practical knowledge,  beyond the extremely basic, of how quilts are made.   I am however, as many of you know,  all about education,  although in this case I’m hoping it will be you sharing some knowledge with me  (not that you don’t always do that) instead of the other way around.  My specific interest is in the types of backing or stabilizer that quilters use when they create, if I even have the terms right.

I guess the first question I have would be about the terminology.  I see the word backing used to refer to the material that comprises the underside of the quilt,  the side that would lie on the bed.    Then there is the term batting.   From what I’ve read,  batting goes inside the quilt and helps determine its weight and warmth,  and then is covered by the backing.    What I would call backing or embroidery stabilizer doesn’t even come into the equation, as far as I can tell,  unless you plan to embroider squares or designs for your quilt.  Am I correct about that?

Finally, from what I understand, there are two basic types of quilting,  hand quilting and machine quilting.  Hand quilting is sewing the area to be quilted by hand.   Machine quilting,  which would be, I would think, where the stabilizer would come in,  involves using a sewing machine or long arm quilting machine to create your quilt.  I’m not sure, however, if you can embroider a quilt top all in one piece,  or if you embroider portions or squares first and then piece them together or if it can be done either way.

If you’re wondering why I’m asking all these questions,  it’s really some exploratory research to see if EnMart should or could start offering supplies for quilters.  We know that quilters already use Iris thread,  so it seemed a natural fit to start adding some other supplies.   I’m just trying to gather some information as to what we might want to offer and if offering quilting supplies would be a good fit.  If you quilt and you have any opinions to offer,  I’d love to hear them.


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4th April 2012

EnMart Offers USPS Priority Mail Shipping

It all started on Facebook.   Actually it started a while before that,  but the whole notion of offering an alternative shipping method was really jump started again after a few people commented on the EnMart Facebook page about wanting a cheaper option for shipping smaller orders.   Because we do listen to what people tell us, and because we like to help out our customers whenever we can,  we decided to try out USPS Priority Mail as a shipping option on a trial basis.   Priority Mail is now a shipping option when you place an order,  but there are a few items of which you should be aware.

Item 1:  Currently USPS shipping is only available from the Traverse City location – Because this is a pilot program,  we are currently only offering shipping by USPS through the Traverse City, MI location.  If you select that option, regardless of where you are in the country,  your order will ship from Michigan.   If we do not have all the product available in Michigan,  you will be notified and offered the option of amending your order or shipping it via our standard Fed Ex shipping.

Item 2:  Maximum weight that can be shipped USPS is 10 lbs  –  This weight limit may change as time goes on,  but for right now,  if your order weighs more than 10 lbs,  USPS shipping will not be offered as on option when you place your order.

Item 3:  USPS orders may take longer to ship and arrive at their destination – EnMart prides itself on same day turn around for the majority of the orders for already created goods we receive.  USPS picks up packages the next day after a pick-up request is made, so ship dates will always be a day behind.

Item 4: Priority Mail shipments can be tracked – If you choose to have your order shipped via USPS you can still track your order with the package tracking option just as you always have.   EnMart chose Priority Mail because it offered us the option of package tracking.

If you have any questions about our shipping options,  or if you have any suggestions for us,  please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.

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