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Kudos for Iris Metallic Thread

14th March 2012

Kudos for Iris Metallic Thread

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I’ve often talked about the greatness of Iris Metallic Thread.  It’s the thread that can turn metallic thread haters into metallic thread lovers, I’ve seen it happen.    One of the most fun things is to give out samples of the thread and watch people look skeptical.  Then they take the sample home and we subsequently get an e-mail or a phone call or see that person at a trade show and get an earful about how wonderful the Iris Metallic thread runs and how it has completely changed the embroiderer’s attitude about metallic thread.

Don’t take my word for it;  just look at the glowing comments on the EnMart Facebook page.

Laura-Ann Quin It really does make a WORLD of difference… I know i have an inexpensive machine but your thread make it sew like an expensive one. I get almost no breaks with your threads. … and anyone thinking METALLIC.. USE THERES!.. it’s so amazing.

Rusty Pullen Great metallic thread!

Monica Lau Hernandez I love the gold metallic! it rocks…. I am ready to buy some and get silver too! loved your sample!

Erich Campbell It’s really fantastic stuff. I used it in this piece, one of many! -> Acanthus Hoodie

Lori Messelt Gertz Thanks for the samples I used the gold today and it stitched well

Erich Campbell You have to show the metallic. It’s pretty impressive. After James Auclair tuned our machines, it was amazing running that metallic- with properly running machines and good thread, it’s a joy to run. :)

Thanks to everyone who has left us a comment to let us know how much they like the thread.   If you’re sewing with metallic and frustrated,  EnMart can help.   Just contact us and ask for a metallic sample.  We’ll be glad to send you one.

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