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Credit Application Tips

1st February 2012

Credit Application Tips

Jenni Cox from the NNEP recently wrote a blog post about credit applications and at the end of it she asked NNEP Supplier members,  which EnMart is,  to put in their additional suggestions.   That started me thinking about what we at EnMart like to see on our credit application,  and what things our customers could do to speed the process along when they apply for credit with EnMart.   I thought I’d put a little overview up here on the blog today so those of you who might be thinking of requesting credit would know how to speed the process along.

Tip 1:   Use the Company Credit Application (if there is one) – Most companies create a credit application because they want to have certain information available.  Even if you have your reference information already printed out,  you should at least fill out the company information part of the form.

Tip 2:  Check Your References Before We Do –  I think people tend to assume that any company they have an account with can be used as a reference.  This isn’t always the case.   Many larger companies have stopped giving out credit references,  probably because of the number of requests they were receiving.    Make sure you check with your references and confirm they will give a reference before listing them on your application.

Tip 3:  Don’t Send Us To Your Sales Rep – Sales reps are not in the Accounting Department.  It’s their job to sell things,  not to provide credit information.   When you check with your references,  find out where credit information requests should be sent and list that information on your application.

Tip 4:  Provide Fax Numbers – Faxing may have lost popularity in a lot of places,  but not when it comes to credit applications.  Many companies require that all credit reference requests be faxed to them.   Providing that number saves time.

Tip 5:  Be Realistic – If you’ve never had credit before,  don’t give us references that tell us you’ve always paid with a credit card.   Also,  if you have had problems paying bills in the past,  build up a history of good credit card payments with EnMart before applying for credit with us.  Make sure you give yourself the best chance of being approved by being realistic about what your past history will tell us.


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