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Information, please

25th January 2012

Information, please

At EnMart,  we strive to treat each customer like they are the only customer.  That’s good customer service and it’s also helpful, for both our company and yours, to have customer service people on staff who really know the people with whom they speak.   Still, as the company continues to grow and our customer base continues to expand,  remembering every fine detail does become more difficult.  You can have the best CRM and customer service staff on the planet and some details will slip through the cracks.  That’s just a fact of life.

Given that our customer base is always growing and changing,  we do have a few occasions when we will verify or request more information from a customer than what our site might request.   We do this to ensure the validity of the order and to protect both you as the customer and ourselves as the vendor.   Credit card numbers do get stolen and Paypal accounts do get hacked,  so we’d rather make an extra phone call to confirm rather than risk a fraudulent charge.

We also ask that, should you have a special request or need something particular (faster shipping,  expedited turn time,  samples), you either call to alert us or put a note on your order with your request.   Please don’t assume that we will process things faster than published turn times,  or that we’ll understand that you have a special need based on your order.   We’re happy to accommodate special requests when we can,  but we have to be aware of them.   The time to inquire about a faster than normal turn time or expedited shipping is when the order is placed,  not just before you need the item.

EnMart also encourages our customers to talk to us about what they want and need.   You can leave a comment here on this blog.   You can contact us through a variety of methods.    Friends, fans and followers  can also talk to us directly on Facebook and Twitter.    We try to reply quickly to any comments we receive and we do enjoy a good suggestion,  so please feel free to make them.    In the end,  a good customer – supplier relationship is all about communication,  and the more both sides exchange information,  the better and more smoothly the relationship will work.


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