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A Trade Show Question

10th January 2012

A Trade Show Question

Any of you who have been following EnMart for any length of time know that we do several trade shows every year.   In the past we’ve packed up tubs of sample bags and brochures and booklets and set up our booth and worked at doing one of the things I think we do best, educating people.    In the last few years,  we’ve also sold product at many of the shows we attend.    Our booths have, in a way,  become a sort of combined university and store,  and we’ve enjoyed that.    Trade shows are fun and energizing and it is lovely to meet our customers.

In 2012 we will be doing 8 trade shows.  They are as follows:

We are planning to have our big booth at each location, and it will be stocked with product.   We would also, however, like to bring some new, fun stuff to our booth and that’s where you come in.   What would you like to see in the EnMart booth in 2012?  What would you like more information about?  Would you like more demonstrations?  Would you rather have literature you can take away and read at your leisure?

Our presence at a trade show is always about helping our customers.  We want to provide the information and assistance you need to get the most from your EnMart products.   Obviously,  we have our own thoughts about what can do that,  but the best people to tell us what is useful and helpful are the people who will visit our booth.   If you have a request or would like to see us do something or provide something at a show,  please let us know.  You can leave a comment here,  or contact us and make a suggestion.

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