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The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/6/12

6th January 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/6/12

First up today is a plea for some old school communication from ASI’s Michelle Bell.   She’s talking about holiday cards and gifts,  but her point is relevant at any time of year.   Sometimes a handwritten note or a thoughtfully chosen gift is the best way to go and the response you get to such efforts may be very surprising.   Tweets and Facebook mentions and e-mails are nice,  but sometimes the most effective way to say thank you or I appreciate you is a handwritten card.

Second on the docket today is a helpful post about the small batch exemption from CPSIA.   I have to confess, I don’t know as much about this as I should,  but I do understand there is a lot of concern and fear about CPSIA among people who make items for children.    There apparently are a lot of parts to CPSIA,  but this post will give you some links to places where you can find more information and an explanation of the small batch exemption,  which might well be useful for a lot of the readers of this blog.

Third at bat today is a post from Stahl’s about printing on food.  The food in question in this case is pizza and there is apparently a company that makes transfers that can be put on your pie.   Now,  people have been customizing birthday cakes for a quite a while,  so it probably isn’t that surprising that the process has moved on to other foods.  I’m not sure I want a graphic or a logo on my pizza though.   What do you guys think?

Fourth on the list is the announcement that the Embroidery Stabilizers E-Course has been released by the NNEP.    This is an awesome overview of stabilizers and how they should be used.   In all fairness, I have to admit that I contributed to this e-course,  as did others in the industry,  and I think the NNEP has created a great resource that many embroiderers will find useful.   They are offering a discount on the cost of the course right now,  so if you’re interested, stop by their site and place your order.

Fifth in the order today is a post I wrote for the DecQuorum blog.   It may be a little controversial,  but it does address a trend that I’ve seen more and more recently,  the idea that small businesses are somehow more deserving or more worthy of customers than a large business or an online business.    To me, this seems to be focusing on the wrong thing.  Don’t focus on what advantages other businesses may have, or how they do business, focus on the advantages you have and how you’re doing business.   I’ll be interested to hear what you guys think about this one.

Finally,  I have to link to a post from The Bloggess.   Normally the posts from her blog that I mention here are the ones that make me snort and spit water at my computer screen.  This post is not like that.  It’s about depression and how it feels and what it’s like and the fact that there’s somewhat of a stigma about it.  As someone who has suffered with bouts of depression since I was a teenager, and who lost a year to depression in my early 20s,  I can so identify with this post.   I wear the silver ribbon and the scars,  and I’m mentioning the post both because it resonated with me and because it might strike a chord with others out there.


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