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The Friday Blog Round-up 12/2/11

2nd December 2011

The Friday Blog Round-up 12/2/11

First up today is an interesting piece from the Fashion Incubator blog about why getting publicity or getting your product noticed can be so hard in the fashion world.  It’s not for the reasons you’d think, competition,  too much noise in the marketplace,  lack of interest from consumers, but because there are few PR firms out there that understand design and fashion and how to publicize it properly.   It’s something we often don’t think about,  but the same would and does hold true for the embroidery world.  Someone who knows the industry will be more helpful in giving you advice about publicity and advertising and marketing than someone who does not know the industry.  Definitely something to keep in mind if you’re planning to hire a PR firm.

Second on deck is a post from Stahl’s which is, in part, about decorating with foil effects.  Everyone likes a little extra shine and sparkle this time of year,  and foil effects are one way to accomplish that.   The blog post also includes a video which demonstrates how to work with foil.

Third on the docket is a post from the NNEP blog with some sales strategies for year’s end.   This post contains some great advice about capturing business from customers who might be doing an annual award ceremony or presentation to sales personnel.  It is something on their to do list,  but not a major requirement.  If you can contact them with suggestions and make the process easier,  you’ll probably capture the order and please your customer.  It’s good advice.

Fourth at bat because OMG they’re SO AWESOME – is this cool new stuff from Urban Threads.    First we have two awesome design series,  one which is retro and fun (and would be adorable on baby clothes) and  one that is very elegant and based around snowflakes.  Then, as if that weren’t enough Christmas coolness,  Urban Threads is also offering printables based around those two design sets.   I love the snowflake printables especially, although I need someone to come and wrap my gifts like the ones in the pictures on the blog.

Fifth,  just because it made me laugh and snort is this blog post from The Bloggess.  Those of you who are not familiar with the Colbert Report may not find this funny,  but I think it’s hilarious.    I also admire the way this particular blogger takes a pretty small incident and runs with it, managing to generate a lot of publicity in the process.  She may be a bit nuts,  but she’s funny and she’s savvy.

Finally,  we have a post from Peter Shankman that asks an interesting question,  aren’t we all addicted to something,  and is it only the relative merits of that addiction,  exercise vs. alcohol for instance,  that makes the addiction good or bad?    It’s a different way of looking at addiction and it also points out how narrow the line between a “good” addiction and a “bad” one can be.

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