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The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/18/11

18th November 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/18/11

First up today is a post from the Fashion Incubator blog about reasons to standardize basic sewing processes.  People argue against standardization because they feel it stifles creatively.  This post argues that standardizing the basics will allow us to get better at what we do and will help speed innovation and creativity.  It’s an interesting idea.

Second on the list this week is a post from Erich Campbell about creating and selling stock designs.  He offers some good suggestions, particularly the one about avoiding making designs that could infringe on established copyrights.  I see this sort of question asked about copyrights all the time on forums, and the answer is always that the best thing to do is avoid even giving the appearance of infringing on someone else’s copyrighted material.  If you’re thinking about selling some of your designs,  this blog post is a good place to start gathering information.

Third at bat is a post from the Retail Minded blog about building sales through social media.  While these tips are pretty basic,  they’re a good reminder that social media can be a useful way to publicize sales and new merchandise.   If you have a brick and mortar shop,  you should also remember to remind people to check in when they visit your store.

Fourth on the docket is a great post from Sadia Sews about how to create a trim you can recycle when the item that is being trimmed wears out.  This is perfect for towels, or pillowcases, and anything that might take a lot of wear and tear.    The design is a beautiful cutwork pattern.

Fifth on deck today is a post from Brains on Fire about how social media is changing how we sell and how our customers relate to us.   It used to be we went to a brick and mortar store and saw what the retailers had for sale and the signs they put out and that was it.  Today, using a smartphone,  you can check in,  get additional discounts,  read reviews,  ask your social network for recommendations and let people know where and when you’re shopping.  It’s a whole different world when it comes to retail and the smart companies are learning to master that world.

Finally, I’m going to mention my latest post for my blog for Stitches Magazine.    It’s about doing the math and why that can benefit your business.



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