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EnMart Education on Video

2nd November 2011

EnMart Education on Video

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen that I’ve recently been soliciting ideas for video topics.   It has always been our intention to take EnMart Education to video at some point,  and that time appears to be getting closer.   We now have a YouTube channel where we already display some videos we’ve made in the past.  Our goal now is to turn that channel into a clearinghouse of embroidery and sublimation knowledge.  For that to be accomplished,  we need your help.

First,  we need to know what sort of subjects you would like us to cover in these videos.  Please keep in mind that most videos will only be two to three minutes long and will primarily focus on one aspect of a particular discipline.    Our goal is to creative short, informative videos,  each of which can answer a particular question for the viewer.   We don’t plan to undertake anything like an overview of embroidery techniques or an examination of every sublimation printer,  those subjects may be helpful,  but they would make for documentary size videos.  Instead,  we’re looking for suggestions for small, bite size topics.   Right now,  our plan is for the first video to cover how to tell the quality of your stabilizer.   Suggestions have also been made for a video about applique.   We are always on the look out for more subjects that would be of interest,  so if you have a suggestion,  please contact us or share it in the comments here.

Second,  we need your recommendations for videos from other places that we should be sharing on our YouTube channel.  Mostly, what we’re looking for here is informative videos that can help our customers learn.   If you’ve found a particular video helpful,  please make a recommendation so we can consider making it a favorite on our channel.  As we all know,  there is a lot of video content out there,  and a clearinghouse of the most useful video content related to embroidery and sublimation would be helpful.  I’d like the EnMart channel to become that clearinghouse,  and recommendations from you all about the videos you’ve found most helpful could make that happen.

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