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The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/30/11

30th September 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/30/11

I wasn’t going to write a Round-Up this week because I had so much else to do,  but then I saw this post, and I couldn’t resist.   Who doesn’t love a round-up of Halloween machine embroidery tutorials.   Halloween has never been a big holiday for me,  but these items featured on Urban Thread’s Stitch Punk blog are really fun.   So,  the Halloween tutorial post starts off the Blog Round-Up fun this week.

Second on deck today is a post from the NNEP about hiring an embroidery machine operator.   Since I’ve been hearing from our customers that business is picking up and people are looking for extra help, this is a timely post.  I especially like the idea of looking to people like wait staff who are already on their feet all day to find your new hire.   Since there aren’t a lot of already trained people out there, it makes sense to look to people who already have some of the stamina and skills that you need.

Third on the list today is a post from Seth Godin that I really like.   It talks about the fact that the world of work is changing,  that new opportunities are appearing, and that wishing for the old world of work is probably futile.   What I like about this post is that it isn’t bemoaning the loss of the old way of doing things,  it’s celebrating the excitement of the new ways that are now available.   Things change,  that’s inevitable.  It’s how we think about that change,  as this post demonstrates,  that makes all the difference.

Fourth at bat today is a post from Jay Baer about the fact that the social media universe is expanding so fast that even the “experts” can’t keep up,  let alone the owner of a small business who is trying to handle social media among many responsibilities.  It’s easy to get caught up in the newest, greatest, latest thing,  but you don’t get the full benefits if you only dabble.  Jay recommends focusing  on Facebook or Twitter or Google Analytics or whatever site or program you want to use and really learn how to use that product and how to get the maximum value out of it instead of flitting from one thing to another.  I think it’s good advice.

Finally, to end this post,  I want to be a little self indulgent today.  This blog, EmbroideryTalk,  will be four years old on Sunday.   I wrote the first post on October 2, 2007, and I just never shut up.    I hope, through this blog,  we’ve been able to educate and entertain,  to show you a bit about our company and ourselves,  and to advance the cause of garment decoration and machine embroidery just a bit.   I hope we’ve been a resource and I hope we’ve been interesting.  I also want to thank everyone who has read and commented and supported this blog.  We appreciate and value your input and your support.   I hope you’ll continue to supply us with both as this blog heads toward it’s fifth anniversary.

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