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The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/23/11

23rd September 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 9/23/11

First up this week is a look at something a lot of us don’t consider,  fashions in sports uniforms.   There’s been a lot of talk recently because some football teams have been changing their uniforms.   This post from Stahls talks about some college football teams (including Michigan State where I did part of my undergrad) which are changing their uniforms this season.  Personally,  I think the changes are cool, but some people are very upset about it.  Which side do you fall on,  are you all for fashion forwardness in football, or do you like the traditional look?

Second at bat is a post from the NNEP Blog about really understanding what you do.     If you’re clear on why you decorate garments or why you sell promo products,  you’re much better able to explain what you can do and what you can offer to your customers.   Also, as pointed out in this post,  when you know what you do,  you can take steps to do it in the best way possible, and you’ll instinctively know what decisions are right for your business.

Third this week,  we examine a trend that is taking root all over the nation.  A lot of cities are banning the use of plastic bags in groceries and other stores.  In response to this many people have taken to using fabric bags which, as Tim Andrews points out on his ASI Blog,  is a great opportunity for decorators.   One of the secrets to success in the garment decoration and promo products industry is to be aware of trends.  The increased use of fabric bags is a great opportunity if you’re a decorator.

Fourth on this list in the “this is just so cool” category,  is this tutorial on making tattoo tights from Urban Threads.   This is something I never would have thought of doing,  but it’s a really great alternative to getting a real tattoo.   Plus the end result looks awesome.   Even though I have no artistic talent for anything visual,  it always thrills me when someone comes up with a fun and unique way to express their creativity.

Fifth up is a great post by Erika Napoletano on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.   Her list of things you need to own to become an entrepreneur is excellent.  I particularly like # 2, #3  #8 and especially #11.

Finally,  I’m pimping out a post of my own today.   I wrote a post for the DecQuorum blog on dealing with customer resistance and change.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot since watching the Netflix debacle and the more recent Facebook kerfuffle.  We all know that customers can be extremely resistant to change.   This is my take on how to reduce or eliminate that resistance.

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