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EnMart’s YouTube Channel

6th July 2011

EnMart’s YouTube Channel

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time,  you probably know that I’ve been talking about adding videos to our educational and informational offerings for a while.   I think video is an extremely useful tool and we’ve made several videos in house,  mostly for use at trade shows.  I wanted a place where were could share those videos,  as well as point out videos from other companies that I thought were useful,  so we finally set up the EnMart YouTube Channel.   It is also known as EnMartian’s Channel since that is the screen name I use on Twitter and on several forums.

Now that we have the channel,  you may be wondering what’s there for you to view.  It really breaks down into two categories.   The first category is videos that we’ve made ourselves and want to share with you.   If you visit our channel you can learn why EnMart sells Iris thread,  and how Iris thread is made.  You can find out the many uses for the blank patches that we sell.   If you’re looking for a new profit center,  watch our video on how sublimation and ChromaBlast can bring more customers, and more income to your business.   We also offer instructional videos,  like the one that gives step by step instructions for how to apply our Ntrans screenprint transfers.

The second category of videos involves videos that were made by people or companies other than EnMart,  but which contain content that we think would be useful to the viewers of our channel.  Some of these videos come from our supplier partners,  like George Knight, or Sawgrass Ink.   Other videos are just useful material that we found and wanted to share.    We have a video about why you should join the NNEP,  a great organization of which EnMart is a supplier member.    There are several videos on our channel which deal with the different heat presses offered by Geo. Knight.   We also have how to videos from Sawgrass ink,  which detail the methods for sublimating various items.   The only criteria for videos we share is that they be useful to our customer base.

If you would like to keep up to date on the latest videos posted to our YouTube channel,  you can subscribe and be immediately notified when we upload something new.    If you have any suggestions for videos we should make or add,  or topics that should be covered in future videos,  please share those thoughts here in the comment section.

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