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Color, Conversion and Consistency

5th July 2011

Color, Conversion and Consistency

I’ve written several posts about converting from another thread to Iris thread because I know it is a task that many embroidery business owners dread and want to avoid.  Although we try to make it as easy as it possibly could be,  the fact remains that, in switching from one manufacturer to another,  you could encounter color variations that might impact existing customers of your business.  This is, of course,  something we all want to avoid,  so I thought I’d take a minute to discuss how we make our conversions, how Iris thread is dyed and what variations might be seen.

When we first started working on conversion charts for Iris thread,  we started matching thread by hand.  We have  experts here who have many years of embroidery and color matching experience,  and they did our conversions by sitting around a table and comparing thread colors.   Matches were also examined under room light, OttLite and natural light.   The goal was to get an exact match,  or so close a match that it varied only slightly.   There were some thread colors from other manufacturers that we did not convert because we couldn’t find a match that was exact enough to meet our standards, and so we don’t offer a conversion for those colors.

Anyone who deals with thread knows that thread manufacturers have formulas for the colors they offer,  and that every effort is made to keep dye lots consistent with the formula and with each other.   We also know, however,  that slight variations can happen.  Most variations in shade will be so slight that they will probably be almost indistinguishable, but occasionally there is one that is more evident.  Bad dye lots are generally scrapped,  and Hilos Iris,  unlike a lot of thread manufacturers, does not re-dye bad dye lots to be sold as black thread.  To learn more about the dying process,  you can watch the video on our YouTube channel about how Iris thread is made.

Consistency of dye lots and color matches is as important to us as it is to you.   We know that switching from one thread manufacturer to another is a big step, particularly when your customers are accustomed to certain shades of thread.   There are also, as we well know,  customers for whom close enough will never be close enough.  When we created our conversion engine,  the goal was to give you the most precise conversion we could provide and,  if we couldn’t provide a conversion that we felt was a good match,  not to offer you anything at all.

EnMart is committed to making thread conversion as easy as possible for our customers.  Whether it’s the Dynamic Dozen program,  hand matching threads from a chart,  or providing an online thread conversion engine that offers matches for popular thread brands and PMS colors,  our goal is to make the conversion from the brand you’re using now to Iris Thread as smooth as possible.   If you have any questions about thread conversions or need assistance with making a conversion of your own,  please contact us.  We’d be happy to help.

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