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The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/3/11

3rd June 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 6/3/11

First up today is a lovely post from Erich Campbell about communication.  He’s titled it, aptly enough “Psychics are in Short Supply”  a title which makes me laugh every time I read it.   The post itself is about the need to communicate clearly and how to go about doing that very thing.   It’s a good reminder to all of us that we may not be communicating with our customers and our employees as well as we should be.

Second,  I want to point out an article that everyone has been linking to,  but which does really make you think, so I feel that’s its worth a link here as well.   The article is about the regrets people have on their deathbeds.  I identify most with the working too much one and the letting myself be happier one.  If nothing else this is a good reminder that no one gets out alive and you should make the most of the years you have.

Third on the list today is a post from Seth Godin about selling nuts to squirrels.  What he’s really saying is don’t try to convince people who aren’t natural buyers for your product that they want what you have to sell.  The exception to this rule is if you want to be a world spanning brand.  Then it’s worth your time to convince people they want what you have to offer.  For the rest of us, however,  it is enough to find the squirrels that crave the nuts we sell.

Fourth on the docket today is a post from Erika Napoletano who writes at a blog called Redhead Writing.   Content stealing is an epidemic on the Internet, and as someone who writes content that has been taken and used without my knowledge or consent,  I consider this a major problem.   Erika has written a great post about this very problem.  She’s right,  people need to stop trying to profit from work that isn’t theirs,  and giving someone the credit that is due them is not only easy,  it’s the right thing to do.

Fifth up today is a post from the Brains on Fire blog.  It’s a tale of two Facebook conversations, one managed by a company that used Facebook well and one managed by a company that was a little clueless about how social media is supposed to work.   At the end of the post are a few good lessons for anyone who does use Facebook for their business.  If you participate in social media for your business (and you should!) this post is worth a read.

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