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EnMart’s Recommendation: SMR Lead Retriever

2nd June 2011

EnMart’s Recommendation: SMR Lead Retriever

Anyone who has ever done a trade show knows that you can quickly run up a lot of expenses.  There’s the booth space.  There’s furniture and electricity and carpet and a shipping and a host of other costs.   You also, of course, need some way to track the leads that you generate while you’re working the show and, while trade shows generally offer to rent you lead retrieval units,  they’re often expensive and if you do multiple shows,  the cost can quickly add up.

Since EnMart does somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 – 12 shows a year,  we quickly decided that spending a couple hundred dollars a show to rent a lead retrieval unit wasn’t very economical.    We tried one solution,  but found that it worked erratically and had problems frequently.    Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of relatively inexpensive solutions for lead retrieval out there,  so we thought we were out of luck,  until we discovered the perfect solution for us was right under our nose.

SMR Lead Retriever is offered by SMR Software,  which is owned by Scott Ritter,  the man who is the creator and host of the DAX shows.    The SMR Lead Retriever consists of the software and a barcode scanner.   The scanner and software can be installed on any computer.   For the extremely reasonable price of $599.95,  which can easily pay for itself in one or two shows,  you get everything you need to record leads,  except the computer.

This lead retrieval system works with most of the trade shows out there.   Unfortunately,  there are a few shows which have designed their badges so that only the lead retrieval software that they rent will work,  so no independent scanner will work for every show.   We do know,   after having used the scanner ourselves,  that it works for the DAX shows,  the NNEP shows and the ISS Shows.

We’ve also found the software very easy to install and use.   If you can send an e-mail or enter a contact into an online CRM, you can use this software.  We’ve now used the software at five shows and it’s worked very well every time.  Downloading the leads after the show is very easy too.   The software is intuitive and it’s easy to figure out how to make things work.

If you do a number of trade shows,  like we do,  you’re probably always looks for ways to make doing the shows more economical.  Eliminating the cost of renting a lead retrieval is definitely one way to do that.   If you’re looking for a lead retrieval system you can own,  EnMart would definitely recommend SMR Lead Retriever.   To learn more about the software,  take a virtual tour on the SMR website.

Update from Scott Ritter: I should mention that version 2.5 of the lead retriever is nearly ready to ship too. It has new features to make it more compatible with Windows 7, a completely re-designed “formats” database to make it compatible with more leads systems, (although the user will never see the difference) and also SHOULD have the ability to re-size the scanning screen  so that it can fill your screen when used on netbooks.  All users will get a free upgrade.

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