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DAX Chicago Wrap – Up

2nd May 2011

DAX Chicago Wrap – Up

We’re back in the office today after a wonderful appearance at the DAX Show in Chicago.    We so enjoyed seeing everyone at the show.  It is always fun to see our current customers and to meet new customers.     There is always a thrill in helping someone start off with embroidery or sublimation as well.    It was a great show,  and I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to a few people who helped make it that way.

First of all, Scott Ritter.  Scott and his wife Margie are the ones who run the DAX Shows and they do a great job.  Exhibitors are treated well,  venues are nice,  registration runs smoothly,  the shows are a pleasure to exhibit at and, judging from the smiles on the faces of the attendees and the comments we hear,  a pleasure to attend.    Scott’s company,  SMR Software, also makes a great lead retrieval system,  which I will be writing a post about later in the week.

Second,  Jimmy Lamb and the Sawgrass team.  Jimmy has always been a supporter of EnMart,  and the Chicago show was no exception.   He also gives great seminars and webinars,  and educates a lot of people about sublimation and how to be successful with a sublimation business.    We also appreciate Sawgrass lending us sales help for the busy times in our booth.

Third, we have to thank Encore Embroidery.  We’ve met Nancy from Encore at a couple of shows,  where she’s had a booth in the vicinity of our booth.    In Chicago,  she ran our thread on the Melco machine she had in her booth,  and the result was terrific.  I’ll be writing a longer post about that later this week as well,  but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Nancy here.

Finally, of course,  we have to thank all the people who stopped by our booth to learn more about EnMart,  or to tell us how great the products they already purchase from us worked.   Meeting current customers and talking to new potential customers is one of the best parts of working a trade show.   We appreciate  all of you who made EnMart a stop on your trade show circuit.

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