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The Friday Blog Round-Up 4/22/11

22nd April 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 4/22/11

First on the list today is a post from Nicole at Retail Minded.  She’s giving some tips for PR phone etiquette, which I think are great.   One of the things I always tell new businesspeople when they’re looking for ways to publicize themselves is that they must not forget local media.  Nicole’s tips on how to speak to editors could work equally well for news program directors.   If you’re looking for more publicity for your business,  this piece is a must read.

Second at bat today is Robin Wilson at Robin’s Edge.  She’s continuing her series on fan pages.  This week she’s explaining why mundane posts can be useful and reminding all of us that customers don’t buy from companies they can’t find.    If you’re just starting to build your online presence,  or new to using Facebook for your business,  Robin can be a great help.  She knows her stuff.

Third up is an awesome project which was spotlighted on the Stitch Punk blog.  For those of you who may not remember,  Stitch Punk is the blog for Urban Threads,  and the project they’re spotlighting is certainly Urban Threads worthy.   A customer of theirs made a fabulous Steampunk children’s dress.  It’s a fabulous piece and the little girl who’s wearing it in the pictures has a great attitude.  I wish I’d had clothes like that when I was young.

Fourth on the docket today is a great post from Duct Tape Marketing that speaks to one of my personal issues.  I’m quite type A and often a perfectionist and I like to be good at things.   The problem with those qualities is that they sometimes keep me from trying new things because I don’t want to do anything I can’t do well.   John at Duct Tape Marketing argues the opposite mindset – give yourself permission to be bad at something so you can learn to be better.  It’s an interesting theory and one I’m going to try and incorporate in my attitude toward new things.

Fifth on the list today is a post I just had to include because it’s true and it made me laugh.  John Morgan offers 10 tips for ensuring your personal brand fails.   As someone who has been thinking about my personal brand a good bit lately, and as a person who has a lot of friends who are entrepreneurs,  this post really hit home.

Finally,  if you follow @urbanthreads@blackduckinc, @MrXStitch,  or EnMart on Twitter, you may have noticed that we’ve been plotting something lately.     I’m told I’m not allowed to talk about our plotting,  but I may blog about it.  Truth is, I’m not exactly sure what we’re plotting,  but there are cupcakes,  megalomaniacs, custom embroidered jackets and space stations involved,  so I’m sure it’s going to be good.  If you want in on the silliness,  follow any or all of us on Twitter. **UPDATE** If you want additional details on what we’re up to – check out Urban Threads Blog.

Finally,  I wanted to say Happy Easter, Passover and Earth Day to everyone.    Whatever you’re celebrating,  may it be a joyous day.

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