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Designs for Thread Palettes

21st April 2011

Designs for Thread Palettes

One of the really fun things about working in this industry is the opportunities for collaboration that sometimes occur.   EnMart was lucky enough to connect with Erich Campbell from Black Duck Inc when he was a recipient of a prize we were offering as part of the Stitches Golden Needle Awards a few years ago.  Subsequently, Erich and I both became bloggers for Stitches and then columnists as well.  Erich has always been very supportive of EnMart.  Some of you may remember the fabulous jacket back he designed and embroidered to help us introduce our colored metallic thread.   He has also done some wonderful embroidery designs for us to use with our thread palettes, one of which you can see on his Facebook page now.

For those who don’t know,  EnMart thread palettes which all, of course, feature Iris Thread,  were designed as a way to offer thread colors with a common theme at a reduced price.    The theory was that it would be easier and less expensive to purchase a palette designed for baby gifts or the Fourth of July,  then it would be to assemble the colors one by one and purchase them separately.    The intent was to also, in time,  combine the palettes with a design or series of designs that could be used with the palette and would be a good fit with the palette’s theme.

We still have the intention of creating thread palette/design packages,  but before we invested a lot of time and effort into creating them,  I thought it would be prudent to ask our customers and potential customers whether or not this is something that interests them.  Would you guys be interested in purchasing thread palette packages that also contained designs created for that palette?  Please let us know in the comments.

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