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Spring Cleaning at EnMart

18th April 2011

Spring Cleaning at EnMart

As many people have been doing over the past month or so,  EnMart has been doing a little Spring Cleaning lately.  Like most people,  we always find a few things that are still good, usable merchandise, but not something we’re going to use or need in the future.    Homeowners in this situation might think of having a garage sale.   We’re looking on it as more of a blog sale.

All the items that were found during Spring Cleaning are excess inventory.  They are all in good condition.  A few items are suitable for sublimation,  others would be good for embroidery only.  We haven’t sat down and counted every item yet,  so some counts are estimates.    When it’s known,  we’ve noted fabric type and size of garments.  When the garments are mixed sizes,  we’ll note that too.   Here is the list of items currently available:

Tote Bags

All tote bags or poly or polypropylene.   As far as we know they would be suitable for heat pressing, but we would recommend a test press first.

  • Black Poly Nissan Tote Bags – No Zipper
  • Red and Black Tote Bags, Zipper Top, Strap, Front Velcro Pocket – approximately 25 – 30
  • Grey and Black Tote Bags, Zipper Top, Strap, Front Velcro Pocket – approximately 25 – 30
  • Blue and Black Tote Bags, Zipper Top, Strap, no front pocket – approximately 25


  • White bartender aprons, waist tie, front pocket, 100% poly – approximately 300
  • Black over the head aprons – adjustable strap over head – waist tie – approximately 100

Polo Shirts

Advent polo shirts – 50% poly/50% cotton

  • Medium Black Polo – approximately 32
  • XL Black Polo – approximately 27
  • XL Red Polo – approximately 36
  • 2XL Red Polo –  approximately 24
  • 3XL Red Polo – approximately 36

Dress Shirts

  • Edward buttondown – grey – long sleeve – multiple sizes

If you are interested in any of these items and would like more information or to make an offer to purchase,  please contact us via e-mail or phone,  or leave a comment on this blog post and we’ll contact you.    All items are sold as is.


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