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Friday Blog Round-Up 4/8/11

8th April 2011

Friday Blog Round-Up 4/8/11

First up today, we have a post from the Stahl’s ID Blog about that all important topic,  how to save a shirt when you make a mistake.    We’ve all had that moment when the lid of the heat press closes and we realize things are about to go very wrong.    Luckily,  Stahl’s has a few tips that can help make that moment less painful.

Second on the ticket today is a post from Nicole at Retail Minded.  This week she’s discussing how to stand out in a retail environment.   She has some good suggestions for making your business stand out from the crowd.

Third on deck today is a series of posts from Robin Wilson of Robin’s Edge.   This week she’s been handing out fan page tips.  You can learn about connecting,  about why you need to be present and responsive,  and about why giveaways need to be targeted to be effective.   If you have a fan page,  these posts are definitely worth reading.

Fourth on the list today is a terrific post by Seth Godin on accepting false limits.  There are limits that everyone encounters that can’t be avoided,  but there are also limits that we place on ourselves.    Everyone probably has a few things they tell themselves they can’t do because they’re too old, too poor,  too fat,  too something  that is a barrier to achieving a  goal.  Seth’s post posits a different theory,  and I like it.

Fifth on the list is a great post from Duct Tape Marketing called “Facebook is not the House“.  This post makes the point that Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin are great tools, but they’re not the meat and potatoes.  The main event should be your products and your website,  where you can totally control the experience and the message.  Facebook and the rest are ways of sending invitations to your party,  but your website should be where the party happens.

Finally, I wanted to point out that there’s a new post on my blog for Stitches Magazine.  This time I’m talking about taking your business online and what I think you need to have to do that successfully.   I’d love to know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts, so please pop over there and leave me a comment.


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