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Friday Blog Round-Up 2/11/11

11th February 2011

Friday Blog Round-Up 2/11/11

Anyone who reads the Friday blog round-up on a regular basis knows that a lot of the blogs that get mentioned here frequently come from our blogroll.   In this edition of the Round-Up, however,  I wanted to spotlight some blogs that maybe haven’t been seen here before, or get seen less regularly.   It’s fun to read new things, and there are a lot of blogs out there with thought provoking posts.  It seemed like a good idea to share some of those.  (Plus, the people that I regularly read (you know who you are) aren’t writing new stuff.  Get on it guys!)

The first post in the round-up today is by a writer called Bridget Pilloud, and is called “Stop Sucking Up“.  I love this post for a number of reasons,  but the main one is the fact that she calls it like it is.  Sucking up is detrimental to you and to the person to whom you are trying to suck up.   Nobody benefits from sycophantic behavior, so just don’t do it.   There is a lot to think about in this post and I highly recommend it.

The next post in the round up has a weird title, but some sound advice.   “3 Marketing Lessons from Drug Dealers” doesn’t advocate going out and finding a drug dealer from which to learn,  but it does recommend learning from how drug dealers do business.    Creating value,  getting people hooked on your product or service and making sure your brand doesn’t get diluted are all great ways to make sure your business grows.   As the blog post says,  we can learn business lessons from the most unexpected places.

Third on deck today is a post about packaging and how you can make yours more green.  This is something we’re working on at EnMart,  where we try to be green by reusing boxes and packing materials to cut down on waste.   This post has some other ideas for making packaging green.    If you ship product on a regular basis,  you might want to consider implementing some of these ideas at your company.

Fourth in the line up today is a post from John Morgan called “Attention Doesn’t Equal Trust“.   This is another post that goes on my favorites list because it speaks to something I say all the time,  your audience can’t be “everybody”.  You have to target your customers and speak to them.  John says this much more eloquently than I just did and he makes a very good point.

Fifth in the round-up is a post from Peter Shankman listing ten things that will get you unfollowed/unfriended.    Read this list.    He makes some very good points about things that you should not do on a Twitter feed whether it’s business or personal.    I think my favorite tips are 2,3, 5 & 6.  I especially like the bit about keeping your feed positive.  No one needs to listen to someone bitch about how crappy their life is.  Asking for advice is a different thing, of course,  but if you feed is a constant stream of negative comments,  I’m opting out.

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