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5 Good Things About Snow

2nd February 2011

5 Good Things About Snow

EnMart headquarters, where I work, is based in Northern Michigan, so I’m pretty familiar with snow.   It can start snowing as early as September up here,  and it can keep snowing through to May.   There have been winters where we haven’t seen the ground for months on end,  just piles and mounds of white.   Since I’ve lived with snow all my life,  I’ve gradually comes to see the up side to snow.  Despite what some people think, there are several good things about living in a snowy climate.    Since I’m feeling a bit whimsical today,  and since we’re dealing with yet more snow,  I thought today might be a good day to remind myself, and all of you,  what a few of the good things about snow are.

Good Thing #1 – SNOW DAY – O.k., not for us, of course,  but for the rest of you.   As I’ve mentioned, once or twice, on Facebook,  we don’t get snow days up here.  We’re the hardy, or maybe foolhardy, types who trek through blizzards to make it to the office.  For the rest of you, however,  an unexpected day off means you can rest and relax and enjoy being safe and warm while it’s cold and blizzarding outside.   There are definitely worse things to do with a day.

Good Thing #2 – Cold Weather Apparel – When it’s cold outside, people need to wear jackets and fleeces and hats and gloves and scarves and sweaters and sweatshirts and long underwear and socks and so on if they want to stay warm.  All those things can either be embroidered or sublimated.   That’s a lot of opportunities to put your machines to work and a lot of your work walking around out there in the world.

Good Thing #3 – Snow is Pretty – O.k., it’s not all that pretty when it’s blowing straight at you in a blizzard,  and it’s not all that pretty when you’re shoveling it off your driveway,  or out from under the wheels of your car so you won’t get stuck,  that I’ll admit.  If, however,  you’re out cross country skiing or snowshoeing or riding your snowmobile,  or just sitting in your house looking out at a freshly snow covered lawn,  snow can be quite beautiful.

Good Thing #4 – Winter Activities – Wooshing down a hill on a toboggan.   The peaceful swish of your skis as you cross country ski through a snow covered woods.   The roar of the engine as you race along a snowmobile trail.   Ice skating on a frozen pond.   The warmth of an ice shack contrasting with the cold of the ice as you ice fish.  There are a lot of fun things that can only be done while it’s cold and snowing outside.

Good Thing #5 – Snow is Good for the Water Levels – Water levels have been a perennial problem up here in the last few years,  and I know they have been in other places as well.   Snow is frozen water which , when it melts,  helps raise the levels of lakes and streams and rivers.    This could be good news for areas that have been facing drought conditions.

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