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The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/28/11

28th January 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/28/11

Wow, you can tell it’s been a busy week when you only have time to write one post and that’s a round up post.  I hope to get back to my more regularly scheduled blogging next week.  In the meantime,  here is some other good stuff to read.

First up today,  a note about a great cause supported by the NNEP.  Every year at the NNEP trade show in Ohio,  they do something called the Do Duds Apparel Drive.    They take donations of clothing, tote bags, blankets etc. which are then given to shelters.   It’s a great cause,  so if you have any inventory you can donate,  please consider it.

Second on the list,  we have a post for all you retailers out there.  Nicole from Retail Minded tells us how to effectively double merchandise products.   If you have some products you think are worth double exposure,  or if you want to try and increase sales of some slower moving products,  check this post out.

Third on deck today is a post from Robin’s Edge that is tailor made for me.  I’m pretty good at social networking online,  but not so great at doing the whole network thing in person.   As I’ve mentioned in other places,  I’m kind of shy about promoting myself.  Luckily,  I have Robin’s tips to help me next time in a networking situation in the real world.

Fourth up is a post from Sewing for Cash about the fact that how you handle your employees can make or break your business.    This post outlines some scenarios that can cause problems when a business goes from one employee, or from the owner staffing everything,  to more employees.  If you own your own business and are thinking of adding additional employees,  check this post out.

Finally,  I wanted to wish the other blog in the EnMart family a happy first birthday.  Sublistuff turned one year old this month.   While there is still a lot that I want to do with that blog and with sublimation in general,  I’m pretty proud of how the first year turned out.

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