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3rd January 2011

Word on the Street

I wanted to start off the new year by putting to rest a rumor that my sales force is telling me has been making the rounds among our customers and potential customers.   It has to do with where our parent company, Ensign Emblem, does business and with whom.    Since I like to start the New Year off with a clean slate,  today seemed a good day to put that rumor to rest.

For those who may not know,  EnMart is part of the Ensign Group,  which is spearheaded by Ensign Emblem.   The Ensign Group was formed to allow Ensign Emblem to create subsidiary companies to further develop products and services that Ensign thought could be useful or profitable, or hopefully both.   EnMart is the first company in the Ensign Group, and was created to sell Iris thread, bobbins, backing and other machine embroidery and sublimation supplies.

EnMart was, in part anyway,  created because Ensign Emblem knows embroidery.  Embroidery has, after all, been a primary business of the company since Ensign Emblem was founded in 1974.   Because EnMart’s parent company offers embroidery services,   however, some people are saying that means EnMart, or at least the company that owns EnMart, is in competition with EnMart customers.   In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Ensign Emblem sells very specific products to industrial laundries,  the people who rent or sell uniforms to large companies.  We’re talking millions of embroidered garments and emblems a year, it’s true,  but only for industrial laundries.  Ensign does not provide embroidery services for schools or churches or government offices or restaurants or any of the other companies or entities with which our customers would work.   We deal only with industrial laundries and only in a very specific marketplace.

The thing about rumors is that they’re essentially smoke and mirrors, there only needs to be a grain of truth to make them seem plausible.  In this case,  the grain of truth is the fact that Ensign Emblem does embroider.    Where things go off the rails and the truth becomes rumor is when the fact that Ensign embroiders becomes the “fact” the Ensign Emblem is in competition with the customers that buy from EnMart.    One thing does not necessarily equal the other.

And that, my friends, is no rumor.

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