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The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/17/10

17th December 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/17/10

First up on the round-up today is a post from Black Duck Inc about custom patches.  Erich points out some great uses for these patches.    I just wanted to point out the fact that EnMart sells blank patches, so if you’re looking for a medium on which to create a custom embroidered or sublimated patch,  you know where to shop.

Second up today,  is a product we don’t sell,  but which I think is kind of cool.  The Stahl’s ID blog has a neat video tutorial on personalizing socks with their Pebble Puff product.   I think personalized socks would be kind of fun.   At the very least you could put “left” and “right” on them and you’d never get confused.

Third on the list today is Odd Guy Art.  It’s no secret I love these people and their shirts.   They make great products and they have a great sense of humor.   Today I wanted to point out two posts.  The first is a post detailing a line up of their products.   (I have all three of the historical events shirts).  The second is a post that I’m told I inspired.   Could I be the Odd Guy Art muse?

The fourth post on the docket today makes it a twofer day for Erich Campbell.  He wrote a thought provoking post on his blog for Stitches Magazine.   He discusses not only the fact that a lot of us have become enraptured by the status update,  but the fact that some of us consume the stream of content that engulfs us,  but don’t contribute.  There’s a lot to consider in this post,  both about where attention is being paid,  and how we can put worthwhile content out there for others to view.

Fifth up today is a post by another one of my favorite writers, Robin Wilson from Robin’s Edge.  Today she’s asking “why are you in business?”  It’s an interesting question and, when I answered it,  my answer turned out to be a little surprising.   I’ll be interested to see what the rest of you have to say.

Finally, I’ll end this post with a plea for recommendations for the EmbroideryTalk blog roll.  I love reading and sharing new blogs,  but I’m having a tough time finding blogs about machine embroidery and/or sublimation.  If you know of any blogs that are good (and not written by direct competitors of EnMart) please share them with me.

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