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The Dreaded Thread Conversion Made Easy

9th December 2010

The Dreaded Thread Conversion Made Easy

Let’s face it,  no one likes converting from one thread brand to another.  In fact,  I’d guess that wanting to avoid thread conversions is one of the main reasons that people aren’t currently using Iris thread.   The thread is, after all,  strong, and color fast,  offered in a wide variety of beautiful colors, and sold at a very reasonable price per cone.   To us, it makes sense that saving money on a high quality thread would be a great motivator,  but apparently the dislike of thread conversion is strong in some people.   Given that fact,  we’ve set out to make the conversion process as easy as we possibly can.

One way we make thread conversion easy is through our online conversion engine.  This conversion engine converts several popular brands of polyester thread to Iris UltraBrite Polyester.   It also converts several popular brands of Rayon thread to Iris Polyester.   Because our Poly thread is so much shinier than standard polyester machine embroidery threads, and because it tends to be more durable than rayon,  we created the rayon to poly conversion.  If you would prefer a rayon to rayon conversion,  we do have a printed rayon to rayon thread chart that we can e-mail or mail to you at your request.   We also have printed thread conversion charts for thread brands which may not be listed in our online search engine.  If you don’t see your brand,  just call us.

Another way we make thread conversion easy is through our Dynamic Dozen program.  We know that most embroidery businesses have a core set of colors they use the most.  We call those colors the Dynamic Dozen (mostly because I like alliteration) but they could be the Terrific Ten or the Fantastic Five,  or whatever number of colors you run through the most.  If you have a core set of colors,  EnMart can create a conversion chart specifically for those colors and keep it on file for you here in our office.  That way,  when you place an order,  we can quickly tell you what your core colors would be.   You can also download EnMart’s Dynamic Dozen thread list,  if it is similar to your own.

Thread conversion doesn’t have to be a chore that sucks up hours of time and causes headaches.  EnMart, or rather our parent company,  has had a lot of experience over the years with converting from one thread brand to another, and we’re old hands at making the process as pain free as possible.   We’ll be happy to share our expertise with you.

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