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Add Color with Screenprint Transfers

7th December 2010

Add Color with Screenprint Transfers

We know a lot of places sell screen print transfers.   In fact, because so many other places sell transfers, the first question we often get is what makes our Ntrans transfers different?   The secret to the success of Ntrans is the mixture of inks used to create the designs. Our method of mixing inks is unique and allows us to create screen-print transfers that have an unmatched clarity and depth of color. The transfer also goes down more smoothly on the fabric, giving the design a more polished look and making the garment more comfortable to wear.

These transfers are also industrial laundry tough.    They were originally designed for our parent company, Ensign Emblem,  which provides emblems and other identification products.   The Ntrans transfers were designed to withstand an industrial wash and dry without cracking, peeling or losing their color.    This is one tough transfer.

Ntrans screenprint transfers can be used anywhere on a garment that an emblem, direct embroidery or a screen printed design can be used. There are no limitations on the number of colors in the design. Size limitations are as follows:
• Up to a 3”x5” Image Size – Left of Right Chest, Sleeve, Yoke
• Up to 11”x11” Image Size – Back or Front of Garment

The minimum amount of transfers which may be ordered is 12.   Transfers are sold individually, not ganged,  so please be aware you are ordering one transfer,  no one sheet of transfers, when you place your order.   Submitting the artwork for your transfers is simple and vector artwork is preferred.   Application of the transfers is also easy and only requires a garment and the use of a heat press.

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