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The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/3/10

3rd December 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/3/10

First up today is a post shared by Robin of Robin’s Edge.  Apparently the post itself is written by a gentleman called Ian Lurie from a site called Conversation Marketing.  What I like about this post is that the questions make sense, and they will help weed out the wannabes from the real social marketing experts.  Unfortunately,   social media has become the next big playground for the “digital snake oil salesmen” (thanks for the term Robin!) so it pays to ask a lot of questions and be stringent about qualifying people before you hire them.

Next up,  I’m going to pimp a post from SubliStuff,  because if I can’t promote one blog I write on another blog I write,  where can I promote it?   I wrote a post on selecting the right sublimation or ChromaBlast printer for you.   I know from speaking with people at trade shows and on customer service calls that picking a printer can be a difficult thing.  This post offers some tips on how to decide which printer is the right one for you.

Third on the list today is a post from Urban Threads.  I love the design sensibility this company has,  and so I’m not surprised at the answers they got to the question “You know you’re an Urban Threadster when…”  Some of these answers are pretty darn funny.   And a little scary.

Fourth on the list is part blog and part just mentioning some great publicity that EnMart (and yours truly) got from Stitches Magazine.    First of all check out who’s at number 54 on Stitches Power 56 List.  It’s your humble blogger!  I have to admit, I think that’s kind of cool.   Second,  EnMart’s colored metallic thread got a great write up in an article on accent threads.   To round out the Stitches mentions,  I wanted to make note that my first Ask an Expert column made its debut in the December issue.  Finally,  I wanted to point out my latest post on the DecQuorum blog.    I think that’s enough publicity for EnMart, and me, today.

Before I close this post, I wanted to add a question.  I was looking at the blogroll today and I noticed that it needs to be updated.  Some bloggers have quit writing and their sites have gone away.  I’m also sure there are great embroidery and garment decoration blogs out there that I should be following.   If you have any recommendations for a blog I should add to the blogroll,  please do share them with me.   I’d love to have a whole list of blogs to read,  and the best way to find them is through recommendations.

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