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Customer Service That Works For You

29th November 2010

Customer Service That Works For You

Every once in a while I’ll read an article that gives tips on how to get customer service representatives to help you.  The advice often basically amounts to “bribe them” and, as far as I’m concerned anyway,  it is a sad commentary on the state of the customer service available from some companies today.  Many consumers, sadly, have forgotten what good customer service should be.  If you’ve forgotten, EnMart would be happy to remind you.

Good customer service is:

Available when you need it – EnMart customer service hours start officially start at 8:00  a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m. EST, but they really start when the first EnMart employee enters the building and end when the last one leaves.  If we’re here,  we’ll answer.  If we’re not here,  you can contact us via e-mail or via Facebook or Twitter and we’ll respond within 24 hours and often within an hour of receiving your inquiry.  Our goal is to get you the help and information you need as quickly as we possibly can.

Familiar – EnMart’s commitment to customer service is strong, and many of our customer service representatives have been with the company since it began.    Our CSRs have a shared history with our customers, and that creates bonds.

Service – Customer service is about providing you, the customer, with the help and assistance that you need, when you need it.  Our CSRs are not simply here to take orders; they’re here to make doing business with EnMart easy and efficient.

Empathetic – When you have a problem you want to talk to someone who cares about making things right, not just about making you go away.  EnMart CSRs are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs and help you solve your problems.

The best way to understand what good customer service really is would be to try it out for yourself.  Give EnMart a call and talk to one of our Customer Service or Sales staff and see for yourself what customer service that works for you is all about.

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