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The Friday Blog Round – Up 11/19/10

19th November 2010

The Friday Blog Round – Up 11/19/10

First up this morning is an interesting post from the Fashion Incubator blog “How Sweatshops Start“.  There is a lot to think about in this post.  One question is why it’s o.k. for a suburban mom who runs a business from her home to put her kids to work stuffing envelopes or packing orders,  but it’s not o.k. for an immigrant mother to give her kids simple tasks in the family shop.   If you’re someone who is having your garments made from scratch,  or even if you’re concerned about staying away from garments that are made in sweat shop like conditions,  you should read this post.

Second up today is a post from the NNEP blog about supporting NNEP Preferred Vendors.   Since EnMart is an NNEP preferred vendor,  I’m behind this post 100%.  Supporting the companies that support the organizations to which you belong is a great way to make sure those companies continue to support the organization.  If you’re an NNEP member, definitely check out the list in this post.  If you embroider and you’re not an NNEP member,  you should definitely consider becoming one.

Third on the docket today  is a fun quiz from Odd Guy Art.  Even if I didn’t love this company for their t-shirts (I own two), I’d love them for their sense of humor.  This quiz is no exception.    Too funny.

Fourth today is a post from Robin’s Edge.  Robin and I tend to think the same way about a lot of Marketing and Social Media issues and her take on customer relationships is no exception.   The way to be successful is not to court customers,  but to build relationships and trust.   I think this post is right on the money,  and she’s also right when she says that those sorts of relationships don’t necessarily have to be face to face.

Fifth on the agenda today is a blog post that actually made me spit water at my computer screen.  One of the fun things about Twitter is that I get exposed to blogs I might not normally find.  That was the case with this post.   The blog is called Hyperbole and a Half,  and the post is about moving and dogs.   It is seriously hilarious.   If you need a good laugh today,  read this post.

Finally, I wanted to do a little cross promotion for the SubliStuff blog.   I recently wrote a post over there about ChromaBlast Ink.  I talk about sublimation a lot,  but ChromaBlast is a very good alternative for those who want to decorate cotton garments.  If you haven’t considered ChromaBlast,  stop by and take a look at the post.

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