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The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/12/10

12th November 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/12/10

First up today,  in the things that make you go “awww” category,  we have the in box cat.  This cat lives in the NNEP offices and apparently knows that napping should always come before work.   I have to admit,  it’s a strategy for work avoidance that I never considered.  Maybe I need to get a cat or two to nap on my desk here at EnMart HQ.   Of course,  I have a pretty big desk,  so if I wanted to ensure that no one could leave work for me,  I’d need a lot of cats.

Second on the list today we have a post from Odd Guy Art about the need to be adaptable when starting a business.  When you first start out,  you may have one plan for how things will go,  but you may have to change your plan as time progresses.    Graham and Marie started out thinking things would go one way,  and have changed their strategies as new opportunities and openings have arisen.  It’s a nice lesson in something everyone starting up a business should know,  you have to be flexible when working your plan.

Third on deck today is a post from the SubliStuff blog that is tongue in cheek but, I think, fun and with a serious core to it.    The post lists 5 reasons not to buy a sublimation system.  If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a sublimation system,  check this post out.

Fourth in the queue is a series from the Fashion Incubator blog  “Everything I Wish I’d Know When I Started”.  While the series is written by a person who dealt with contract sewing,  the series has a lot of good tips for anyone starting a business.   It is four parts,  and I’ve linked to part four,  but links to the other three parts are included in the fourth post.   There are a lot of good tips for general business conduct in part two especially.

Fifth today is something to think about,  that fact that shipping early and often may be the best strategy.   This particular post deals with the world of technology,  but it could really apply to anything.   Sometimes we tend to hold on to products and/or ideas until they’re absolutely perfect, and that may not always be the best strategy.  Your best feedback can often be real world users in the marketplace, so sometimes you need to ship before everything is exactly perfect.   If you run a business, it’s definitely something to think about.

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