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Customer Service That Works For You

29th November 2010

Customer Service That Works For You

Every once in a while I’ll read an article that gives tips on how to get customer service representatives to help you.  The advice often basically amounts to “bribe them” and, as far as I’m concerned anyway,  it is a sad commentary on the state of the customer service available from some companies today.  Many consumers, sadly, have forgotten what good customer service should be.  If you’ve forgotten, EnMart would be happy to remind you.

Good customer service is:

Available when you need it – EnMart customer service hours start officially start at 8:00  a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m. EST, but they really start when the first EnMart employee enters the building and end when the last one leaves.  If we’re here,  we’ll answer.  If we’re not here,  you can contact us via e-mail or via Facebook or Twitter and we’ll respond within 24 hours and often within an hour of receiving your inquiry.  Our goal is to get you the help and information you need as quickly as we possibly can.

Familiar – EnMart’s commitment to customer service is strong, and many of our customer service representatives have been with the company since it began.    Our CSRs have a shared history with our customers, and that creates bonds.

Service – Customer service is about providing you, the customer, with the help and assistance that you need, when you need it.  Our CSRs are not simply here to take orders; they’re here to make doing business with EnMart easy and efficient.

Empathetic – When you have a problem you want to talk to someone who cares about making things right, not just about making you go away.  EnMart CSRs are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs and help you solve your problems.

The best way to understand what good customer service really is would be to try it out for yourself.  Give EnMart a call and talk to one of our Customer Service or Sales staff and see for yourself what customer service that works for you is all about.

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24th November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

EnMart wishes all our customers, fans, and friends a happy Thanksgiving.

On the list of things for which we are thankful,  you all rank at the top!

We will be closed on Thursday, November 25 and Friday, November 26 in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Normal business operations will resume Monday, November 29.

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24th November 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas

Although it already seems like the holiday season has started,  and I’m sure it has for many embroidery businesses,  the official start of the season is Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving, it’s all a countdown to the gift giving season,  and your customers will be shopping and looking for the perfect gifts for the special people in their lives.    A great many people are interested in buying from local businesses and in purchasing unique, one of a kind gifts,  so this season is perfect for people who specialize in creating exactly those kind of products.  Just think of the options!

One option of course,  is creating specialty embroidered or monogrammed items.   If that’s on your list this year,  you will certainly want to check out our Iris UltraBrite Polyester or Iris Smooth ‘N Silky Rayon thread.   These threads offer bright, vibrant colors which will make your embroidery stand out.   Combine those threads with our Metallic Embroidery Thread and you’ll have a design that is not only colorful but brings the bling.   From shirts to stockings to a personalized teddy bear,  embroidered gifts are unique and something that will be treasured for years to come.

If Christmas ornaments are more your line,  you should take a look at Badgemaster.  An environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable film,  Badgemaster is perfect for creating holiday ornaments.  You can embroider directly into the film which supports intricate designs,  like lace or snowflakes.  Once the embroidery is finished,  simply dissolve the excess Badgemaster in water.    The embroidered portion retains its integrity and the design is ready to be hung on a tree or in a window.

For those who are more interested in screen print,  EnMart offers Ntrans transfers.   If you are unfamiliar with Ntrans transfers they are actual heat transferable screen printed designs developed by us for the industrial laundry industry. These transfers are commercially tested, will withstand a rigorous wash process, and last a long time.   If you want a long lasting transfer that will look great wash after wash,  take a look at our Ntrans product.   Samples of the transfers are available upon request.

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22nd November 2010

EnMart’s Dynamic Dozen

Call them the Terrific Twelve.  The Dynamic Dozen.  Whatever name you have for them,  they’re the thread colors you use most often and the ones you need to purchase the most.  They’re also the first ones you need to convert when switching from one thread manufacturer to another.
We’ve talked before about the fact that thread conversions aren’t always fun.   We also know that each embroidery business will have a slightly different Dynamic Dozen, so a one size fits all conversion chart may not be much help.  To assist you in converting your particular Dynamic Dozen,  EnMart is now offering a Dynamic Dozen Conversion Chart created specifically for your business.   Just let us know which twelve colors you use the most and we’ll convert them to Iris thread,  while creating a unique conversion chart just for you in PDF or Excel format.
If your Dynamic Dozen is fairly standard,  you may also want to check out EnMart’s Dynamic Dozen conversion chart,  which we offer in PDF form.    This chart contains all the standard machine embroidery thread colors, including black, white, red and green and is available in both Iris UltraBrite Polyester and Iris Smooth ‘N Silky Rayon.
All Dynamic Dozen charts that we create will be kept on file here in the EnMart office. This means that every time you need to place an order, you can just call and tell us your company name and the color you want to order and we’ll pull the correct number off your Dynamic Dozen list. This list can also be stored next to your computer or embroidery machine for easy reference. Thread conversion doesn’t get much easier than this, so call today for your Dynamic Dozen thread conversion chart.

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19th November 2010

The Friday Blog Round – Up 11/19/10

First up this morning is an interesting post from the Fashion Incubator blog “How Sweatshops Start“.  There is a lot to think about in this post.  One question is why it’s o.k. for a suburban mom who runs a business from her home to put her kids to work stuffing envelopes or packing orders,  but it’s not o.k. for an immigrant mother to give her kids simple tasks in the family shop.   If you’re someone who is having your garments made from scratch,  or even if you’re concerned about staying away from garments that are made in sweat shop like conditions,  you should read this post.

Second up today is a post from the NNEP blog about supporting NNEP Preferred Vendors.   Since EnMart is an NNEP preferred vendor,  I’m behind this post 100%.  Supporting the companies that support the organizations to which you belong is a great way to make sure those companies continue to support the organization.  If you’re an NNEP member, definitely check out the list in this post.  If you embroider and you’re not an NNEP member,  you should definitely consider becoming one.

Third on the docket today  is a fun quiz from Odd Guy Art.  Even if I didn’t love this company for their t-shirts (I own two), I’d love them for their sense of humor.  This quiz is no exception.    Too funny.

Fourth today is a post from Robin’s Edge.  Robin and I tend to think the same way about a lot of Marketing and Social Media issues and her take on customer relationships is no exception.   The way to be successful is not to court customers,  but to build relationships and trust.   I think this post is right on the money,  and she’s also right when she says that those sorts of relationships don’t necessarily have to be face to face.

Fifth on the agenda today is a blog post that actually made me spit water at my computer screen.  One of the fun things about Twitter is that I get exposed to blogs I might not normally find.  That was the case with this post.   The blog is called Hyperbole and a Half,  and the post is about moving and dogs.   It is seriously hilarious.   If you need a good laugh today,  read this post.

Finally, I wanted to do a little cross promotion for the SubliStuff blog.   I recently wrote a post over there about ChromaBlast Ink.  I talk about sublimation a lot,  but ChromaBlast is a very good alternative for those who want to decorate cotton garments.  If you haven’t considered ChromaBlast,  stop by and take a look at the post.

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16th November 2010

Free Stitch Era Universal Digitizing Software CD

Every once in a while EnMart likes to do something special for our customers.   Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of questions about digitizing software,  what we use,  what we recommend,  and how to find a program that doesn’t cost a ton.  Some of you may already know that EnMart has been a distributor of the Stitch Era Universal Digitizing Software CD.  We’ve sold it on our site, and touted it at shows.  While it is a basic digitizing program,  it is very useful and relatively easy to learn to use.  We had someone from our Design Department,  a woman who understood design and embroidery but had never digitized,  try out the program.  She was up to speed and digitizing designs in a few hours.  The software is perfect for basic digitizing and is surprisingly robust.   You can find a complete overview of the software’s capabilities on the Sierra website.

Since we know a lot of people are interested in finding a basic digitizing solution that won’t break their budgets,  EnMart is offering the CD version of our Stitch Era Universal digitizing software free of charge through the end of the year.   All you have to do is meet the minimum store requirement of $25 and you can add the CD to your cart free of charge.   This applies to any products available in our store.  As long as you meet the $25 minimum order you can receive a copy of the CD for free.

This offer is available through December 31, 2010.

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15th November 2010

Two Ways to Save on Machine Embroidery Thread

It’s a well known fact that everyone likes a bargain.   That’s particularly true this time of year when everyone is purchasing supplies for their holiday decorating and embroidery.    If you’re looking for savings on machine embroidery thread,  you should check out the options that EnMart has to offer.   Whether you buy mix and match cones by the dozen,  or choose to purchase one of our already selected thread palettes,  you’ll save money and get a great thread as part of the deal.

For those who are of the create your own bundle persuasion,  EnMart offers our Iris Mix – N – Match discount.    Purchase 12 or more 5500  yard cones of our Iris UltraBrite Polyester or Iris Smooth ‘N Silky Rayon thread  and receive a percentage off the original price of the thread.  That equals a dollar a cone savings for the polyester thread and a savings of more than a dollar a cone for the rayon thread.  The discount begins  at a dozen cones,  and applies whether you by 12 or 1200.   Discounts are taken automatically at checkout and will be reflected as a category discount note in the shopping cart.

The second way to save money on Iris Machine Embroidery Thread is to purchase one of our thread palettes.  EnMart’s thread palettes are groups of 5500 yd cones of Iris polyester thread that are centered around a particular color family or are designed for a particular occasion.   We offer palettes for things like baby gifts,  holidays like Christmas, and color family palettes as well.   The Iris Thread palettes are available only from EnMart and are priced at a discount from the single cone price.

It’s a well known fact that everyone likes a bargain.   When you purchase Iris Thread,  using either the Iris Mix – N – Match program,  or whey you buy one of our thread palettes,  you’re not only getting a bargain,  you’re getting a great thread as well.  When it comes to machine embroidery thread bargains,  what could be better than that?

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12th November 2010

The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/12/10

First up today,  in the things that make you go “awww” category,  we have the in box cat.  This cat lives in the NNEP offices and apparently knows that napping should always come before work.   I have to admit,  it’s a strategy for work avoidance that I never considered.  Maybe I need to get a cat or two to nap on my desk here at EnMart HQ.   Of course,  I have a pretty big desk,  so if I wanted to ensure that no one could leave work for me,  I’d need a lot of cats.

Second on the list today we have a post from Odd Guy Art about the need to be adaptable when starting a business.  When you first start out,  you may have one plan for how things will go,  but you may have to change your plan as time progresses.    Graham and Marie started out thinking things would go one way,  and have changed their strategies as new opportunities and openings have arisen.  It’s a nice lesson in something everyone starting up a business should know,  you have to be flexible when working your plan.

Third on deck today is a post from the SubliStuff blog that is tongue in cheek but, I think, fun and with a serious core to it.    The post lists 5 reasons not to buy a sublimation system.  If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a sublimation system,  check this post out.

Fourth in the queue is a series from the Fashion Incubator blog  “Everything I Wish I’d Know When I Started”.  While the series is written by a person who dealt with contract sewing,  the series has a lot of good tips for anyone starting a business.   It is four parts,  and I’ve linked to part four,  but links to the other three parts are included in the fourth post.   There are a lot of good tips for general business conduct in part two especially.

Fifth today is something to think about,  that fact that shipping early and often may be the best strategy.   This particular post deals with the world of technology,  but it could really apply to anything.   Sometimes we tend to hold on to products and/or ideas until they’re absolutely perfect, and that may not always be the best strategy.  Your best feedback can often be real world users in the marketplace, so sometimes you need to ship before everything is exactly perfect.   If you run a business, it’s definitely something to think about.

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11th November 2010

The Best Way to Advertise a Business

I’m guessing when many of you read the title of this article your thoughts immediately went to a print ad, or a billboard, or even a listing in the yellow pages.  All those are good methods of advertising, and may be very useful in certain situations.  They are not, however, the best method available for advertising a business or a brand.  The best method of advertisement and branding, whether or not your customers know it, is the emblem that goes on the uniforms your customers’ employees wear.

Some people think that the value is in the uniform, not the emblem, but that’s simply not true.  A uniform is necessary, and serves as a means of making sure that all your customers’ employees are dressed alike, but a uniform isn’t unique.  If you dress 50 people up in plain navy uniforms without emblems, you simply have 50 people in identical uniforms.  There’s no way to tell if one person works at The Plant Haus, and another works at Cakes R Us.   They all look the same.

If you put an emblem on those fifty navy uniforms, identification becomes easy.  After all, the Plant House logo will be different than the logo from Cakes R Us.  An emblem helps your customer’s logo, and the uniform it adorns, stand out from the crowd.  It also turns employees into walking billboards, who are advertising the business for which they work every time they put on the company uniform.

Business owners work long and hard to create the logos and slogans that are used to advertise their businesses.  Many of them will also spend a lot of money on acquainting their customers with those logos and slogans.  What many of these business owners fail to realize is the best advertising their business could ever have is the emblem that goes on their company uniforms.  Luckily for those business owners, they have you, and your knowledge of the value an emblem can bring, in their corner.

You also have EnMart in your corner.  After you’ve sold your customers on the value an emblem can bring,  EnMart has all the supplies you need to create those emblems.  From blank patches, to the thread to embroider them,  to the adhesive backing needed to hold them in place in the hoop,  EnMart has all the supplies necessary for creating embroidered emblems.   If the logo is elaborate,  EnMart’s blank patches are 100% polyester and perfect for sublimation.  We also sell custom sublimated patches for those who don’t wish to do the work themselves.

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9th November 2010

EnMart West Relocates to California

In an effort to better serve West Coast customers, EnMart is relocating its West Coast shipping facility to California.  The California based EnMart West will be open for shipping beginning the week of  November 8, 2010.

Since its inception, EnMart West has grown rapidly.  The new facility will provide more space to meet EnMart’s expanded inventory needs.  The former EnMart West, based in Reno, Nevada, will retain limited stock as a distribution hub for local customers.

Orders for embroidery supplies placed by our customers on the West Coast will ship from California or can be picked up at the facility by local customers.  EnMart customers may still place their orders through the EnMart website, www.myenmart.com or by calling 866-516-1300 and speaking with a customer service representative.  Orders will be routed to the location that can offer the fastest shipping time and that has all ordered items in stock.

Currently,  only machine embroidery supplies,  such as thread,  bobbins and backing will be stocked in California.  Sublimation supplies will still ship from the Michigan facility.   Sublimation and ChromaBlast supplies may be added to the stock items in the California inventory in 2011.

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