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Pick Up at a Location Near You!

14th October 2010

Pick Up at a Location Near You!

As many of you already know,  EnMart has four locations across the United States.  EnMart East is in New Jersey.  EnMart South is in Georgia,  EnMart Corporate is in Michigan and EnMart West is in Nevada.   These locations were strategically placed in an effort to offer two day FedEx Ground shipping to most states.    The locations are warehouse facilities, not stores,  although we are contemplating adding showrooms so customers can come to view our products and learn more about EnMart.  Right now,  however,  the facilities are simply locations where stock is stored,   but they do offer customers who live close to one of our warehouses the opportunity to pick up their order instead of having it shipped.

If you live within driving distance of an EnMart warehouse,  and would like to pick up your order,  there are a few things that we ask you do.

  1. Please place the order first.  You can either place the order through our website, or call our toll free customer service line (866-516-1300) and place the order.  If you do place the order online,  select Local Pickup as your method of shipping.
  2. Once the order has been placed,  please allow at least an hour before going to go pick it up.  We need time to process and pull the order, and allowing an hour or more between the time the order is placed and the time it is picked up gives us the time we need.
  3. There will be a $2.50 handling charge attached to all local pick-up orders.
  4. Please be aware that not all things are in stock at every location.  If you place an order for pick-up and some of the items on that order are out of stock or stocked in a different location,  you will be notified.

Right now,  sublimation supplies are only stocked in Michigan.   Blank patches are made to order and shipped out of Michigan as well.   Ntrans transfers are made to order and ship from either the Nevada or Atlanta locations.   Stock is also always in a state of flux.   Our goal is to keep a sufficient quantity of the basic stock we offer on hand at each location,  but delays in shipments or an increased order volume for a particular item may cause an out of stock situation.    When that happens,  we will work with our customers to find a mutually beneficial solution.

If you are interested in picking up your order at one of our warehouses,  you can find address information and driving directions on our Locations page.

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